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Top Methods To Modernize and Balance Your Infrastructure

July 10, 2023

The growing number of connected devices, the increased use cases around mobility and a greater need for data center reliability are all driving growth in cloud and data center services. In fact, data centers and digital infrastructure no longer just support a business – in many cases they run the business. But recent trends indicate that leaders are rethinking how and where their critical workloads are deployed. They’re looking for more efficient data center utilization, and specifically for an improved overall digital infrastructure. Cloud, on-premises, hyperscale – which data center and digital infrastructure strategy is right for you?

Download this Special Report, from Data Center Frontier, featuring Service Express, that explains a new balance emerging between the cloud and data centers. First, the report, written by Bill Kleyman, looks at the evolution of the data center, including digital infrastructure challenges and how digital modernization is impacting physical infrastructure.

Then, Bill outlines top modernization considerations to support digital infrastructure, as well as key considerations for achieving the balance between data centers and the cloud. Finally, Bill provides real-world use cases and tips for selecting a partner that can help you achieve this new balance.