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How Network Monitoring Enables Uptime and a Healthy Data Center

May 3, 2021
A new white paper from Park Place Technologies explains why network monitoring is critical in today’s complex data center environment.

Network monitoring is mission critical in today’s complex data center environment. To maintain a healthy data center, it’s crucial that the system that provides actionable intelligence and allows IT teams to quickly make decisions that can reduce the risk or duration of downtime.

Downtime in today’s digitally driven business climate can be costly for data centers and their customers. Often, downtime is cause by simple mistakes like a lack of network documentation, limited information on network configurations, and lack of visibility into performance. A network monitoring system provides insights into network events via alerts that are useful, easily understood, and relevant.

This report explains why every data center needs to monitor its network by turning reactivity into proactivity. It also explains some of the costs of not having a system in place, to both the data center and its customers.