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TAP vs. SPAN: Network Visualization Considerations for Professionals

Sept. 26, 2019
A new white paper explores two different network connectivity options: SPAN ports vs. network traffic access points. Download the new report from Garland Technology to better understand the ins and outs of Network TAPs and more.

Today, there are two opposing approaches to network connectivity: SPAN ports vs. Network Test Access Points or Traffic Access Points (TAPs), first engineered in the 1970s.

Are you still using a SPAN port for network visibility? Industry best practice is to use a Network TAP (test access point). Network security and management professionals today must have 100% access to network traffic. This whitepaper will cover the value of test and traffic access points and remove all the misinformation. 

 Read this white paper from Garland Technology to learn: 

• Which technology captures 100% full duplex traffic

• What are today’s lawful intercept requirements

• What happens when packets are dropped because a SPAN port is oversubscribed