Top 10 Concerns of Data Center Managers in 2019

Feb. 7, 2019
Learn more about what IT and physical support infrastructure trends mean for the industry and what is top of mind for today’s data center managers. 

A recent article by Steve Gillaspy of Intel outlined many of the challenges faced by those responsible for designing, operating, and sustaining the IT and physical support infrastructure found in today’s data centers. These are today’s data center managers. This paper targets four of the five macro trends discussed by Gillaspy:

Hyper Growth and Hyperscale

Edge and cloud computing are seeing rampant growth, causing the build-out of new data centers both large and small, with growth coming so fast that traditional approaches to construction and management are unable to keep up.

Hyper Density

The need to minimize OPEX and CAPEX costs while increasing the efficiency of the data center is causing a drive towards consolidation, virtualization, containerization on the compute side, while the increasing number of both data sources and data consumers is driving the growth in demand for storage capacity.

New Workloads

Big data, AI/ML/DL, Internet of Things (IoT) and other new types of workloads are placing increasing demands on most data centers and networks.

New Hardware

Specialized silicon is now being deployed in many data centers, with the intent of improving throughput and latency in support of the new workloads. FPGAs and ASICS for AI, GPUs for AI and cryptocurrency mining.

Download the full report from Server Technology to learn more about what these trends mean for the industry and what is top of mind for today’s data center managers.