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Optimizing Data Center Power Efficiency

Sept. 14, 2018
Explore how GaN technologies show significant benefits for data center refreshes.

The data center is a fundamental component of today’s businesses, without question. The growth of data generation and use puts mounting pressure on facility managers to intelligently adapt, as they strategize on how to pick the right data center power source and increase efficiency while controlling operational budgets.

Power efficiency in terms of power supplies and data center power systems within other equipment is an area sometimes deprioritized during refresh cycles. For the most part, the common belief is that the status quo is good enough today as power conversion technology is what it is — reaching efficiencies of 90 percent or higher. Times are changing, though.

And better data center solutions are materializing. Welcome to the age of Gallium Nitride (GaN), the GaN transistor and next-generation power efficiency.

In this paper, we will review the major changes that have happened within the data center, particularly as they concern power and density.

This paper will address:

  1. The state of data center power and what to expect moving forward
  2. GaN’s fundamental attributes and benefits
  3. Maturity and reliability of GaN products
  4. GaN’s potential operating expenditure impact
  5. Demonstrated GaN benefits in real-world use cases 6. How to leverage GaN in data centers today

Download the new Data Center Frontier Special Report, courtesy of transphorm, to explore how GaN technologies show significant benefits for data center refreshes.