Thinking about Colocation? Do These 7 Things First

March 12, 2018
For those looking to utilize colocation in 2018, this white paper from Instor provides considerations, tips and potential landmines to watch out for.  

Colocation data centers are having a moment right now. It’s impossible to swing a stray CAT 6 cable without hitting someone who’s seriously considering moving their in-house data centers to shared spaces off-site.

A recent Data Center Frontier piece suggested that the ever-expanding universe of multicloud management platforms will likely push many holdouts to consider going colo in 2018.

While the merits of in-house vs. cloud vs. colo have been vigorously debated (and will likely continue for some time), this whitepaper is aimed at those already sold on the colo concept.

Your colocation partner is certainly there to facilitate your move into the datacenter, but remember that they’re also operating with their best interests in mind. You’d better believe they know that the terms of the lease or contract backward and forward. For you as a customer, there’s no such thing as asking too many questions.

So, proceed, but do so with careful planning. Or, as the old proverb goes, “Buildings without a solid foundation will eventually fall.”

Download the new white paper from Instor for considerations, tips and potential challenges to watch out for those looking to utilize colocation in 2018.