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Rethinking Remote Computing’s Impact on the Data Center

Aug. 2, 2017
Learn more about managing IT in remote offices, micro data centers and the impact of remote computing on your data center.

Remote computing is changing dramatically. Mobility, IoT, wireless connectivity, small-footprint software, and other technologies continue to drive digital activity everywhere. As a result, remote computing environments keep getting denser, more sophisticated, and more critical to the business.

No matter what business you’re in, remote computing no longer serves merely as a utility that supports your geographically dispersed facilities. Those facilities are now as digital as they are physical. They have become your company’s New Digital Outposts (NDO). This requires significant rethinking and reengineering by IT. Remote computing is no longer about just sticking a server and a router in a supply closet. The New Digital Outpost requires an entirely new approach to provisioning that fulfills more demanding requirements for performance, availability, and total cost of ownership for remote computing.

IT must respond appropriately to this remote computing inflection point. Failure to do so will undermine digital performance — and, by extension, the financial performance — of the business.

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