The Emergence of Lithium ION Batteries Within the Data Center

May 24, 2017
The future looks promising for lithium ion batteries for UPS applications. Learn why in this white paper.

After looking at the specifics around lithium ion batteries and lead-acid energy storage alternatives, we can see the future looks promising for lithium ion batteries. They are designed to bring extended life, reduced weight, smaller size and greater flexibility to modern data center providers. Care must be taken to match the proper chemistry to the application environment. Finally, we are witnessing the beginnings of favorable cost models. The market will continue to monitor if and how lead-acid manufacturers respond.

The movement to LIB will be led by the innovators. How soon they will be mainstreamed will likely depend on the experience of these earlier deployments. Given the significant benefits of lithium ion batteries over standard solutions, this may well be quicker than expected.

For more information on Lithium Ion Battery solutions for UPS applications, please download this white paper.