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Data Center Frontier Special Report: Boston Data Center Market

May 1, 2017
This free comprehensive guide will help you find the best data center space and partners in the Boston Data Center Market.

The Boston data center market is primarily focused on colocation services, but a number of wholesale providers compete in the region and are seeing demand from a growing market for Big Data analytics and high-performance computing. The region’s data centers are distributed, with a cluster of facilities downtown as well as multiple data centers ringing the city along Route 128. This free special report from Data Center Frontier will help you find the best data center options in the Boston Data Center Market.

Boston is home to 884,000 square feet (SF) of commissioned data center space, representing 88 megawatts (MW) of commissioned power, according to market research from datacenterHawk. In the fourth quarter of 2016, the vacancy rate for the region was 14.8 percent.

Most of the data center customers in the Boston market are local to the region. As with other major Northeast cities, Boston’s market is influenced by the relatively high cost of power, which is a challenge for users with large footprint requirements. As a result, service providers and facilities in Boston have focused on supporting key sectors of the local tech economy, including healthcare, biotech and pharmaceutical companies and software startups.

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