Increasing Data Center Speed

April 1, 2017
Learn more about trends, technologies and recommendations for increasing your data center's speed by downloading this guide.

When it comes to increasing data center speed, timing is everything. The challenge is to look ahead and know what you have to be prepared to deliver – in the immediate future and later on – and chart the most expedient and flexible course forward. The more rapidly available technologies and applicable standards evolve, the harder that job becomes. The current rate of acceleration is somewhere between breakneck and frenetic.

Recent data center trends show bandwidth requirements are growing 25% to 35% per year, a rate predicted to continue years into the future. The impact of this sustained growth can be seen in the shift to higher switching speeds. According to a recent study by Dell‘Oro Group, Ethernet switch revenue will continue to grow through the end of the decade, with the biggest sales forecasted for 25G and 100G ports.

Servers are quickly evolving, however, and new designs will easily consume much more than a 10G uplink can supply. Therefore, next-generation server connections will likely be 25G as opposed to 40G. Many experts expect lane capacities to double to 50G and 100G by 2020, enabling the next generation of high-speed links for fabric switches.

To learn more about the trends, technologies and recommendation for increasing speed for your data center download this guide.