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Data Center Expansion Options – Should You Build or Buy?

March 7, 2017
Is your organization faced with the decision to do a data center modernization or expansion? To learn more about the pros and cons of building or leasing data center space, download this white paper.

Today, data is a critical asset for virtually any business – and the need to house and maintain an ever-increasing amount of digital assets is growing exponentially. When an organization is faced with the decision to do a data center expansion or to modernize their data center, they must choose to either build a new facility, retrofitting existing data center space or find a partner for colocation.  As with everything, a major consideration is cost. Often, a strong case can be made that choosing the right service provider can lower total cost of ownership, including moving capital expense to operating expense.

Why Build Or Buy?
What’s causing this need for data center growth?
• Outgrowing current capacity – From gathering more data than ever before to increasing development needs
• Outdated equipment – Technology moves in exponential leaps
• Global expansion – Growing a footprint while maintaining service levels everywhere
• Market trends – Enabling mobility and Internet of Things (IoT)
• Mergers & acquisitions – Reconciling disparate assets into a unified system
• Spinoff enterprises – Internal success creates a new business
• The move to Big Data and Analytics – Turning data into action
• Disaster recovery – Protecting digital assets, bottom line and more