The State of Enterprise Cloud Services

Sept. 30, 2016
Enterprise cloud services are in more demand now than ever before. These services hold steady appeal for both companies that require support for on premise IT, as well as those who use fully external services. To learn more download this white paper.

Enterprise cloud services are in more demand now than ever before. These services hold steady appeal for both companies that require support for on premise IT, as well as those who use fully external services.

Enterprises are attracted by the flexibility and the lack of infrastructure overheads that cloud solutions can offer. Massive scalability and up-or-down elasticity give companies a whole new sandbox for testing new business ideas and growing them if they take off.

In fact, the demand has been so great that it has elevated and popularized the title of DevOps, and moreover the demand has changed the landscape of tools and hardware used to support these IT services.

The role of DevOps is now evolving into a distinct function within IT services. It signifies a shift in culture that emphasizes collaboration, communication and the automation of software delivery and infrastructure changes.

The emergence of this approach brings with it new challenges that require different tools and skill sets to maintain and grow corporate IT.

As the technology evolves, customers are increasingly developing strategies to manage their environment
• Most enterprises/IT Directors/Admin’s now have strategies
• 84% of VMware users have a Container deployment and management strategy
• 82% of those who were aware of the problem have developed strategies to combat the Noisy neighbor issue
• About half of companies with a strategy either emphasize container use (55%) or implement on bare metal (50%)