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Data Center Optimization

March 19, 2016
In this white paper, we explore new concepts around data center demand, where energy efficiency and cooling optimization fit in and modern best practices around your data center.

There is a revolution happening in the data center environment. Administrators are being tasked with delivering much more, while still retaining optimal efficiency levels. Let us consider an example—globally, data center power consumption has been growing. In fact, a recent NRDC1 report indicates that data center electricity consumption is projected to increase to roughly 140 billion kilowatt-hours annually by 2020, the equivalent annual output of 50 power plants, costing American businesses $13 billion annually in electricity bills. As more organizations place their environments into the data enter, good data center management becomes extremely important for multiple reasons. Not only are data center administrators working hard to cut costs, they are also working hard to minimize management overhead and improve infrastructure agility.
In creating optimizations for your data center, it is important to utilize technologies that are able to meet the needs of your environment. Not only are there tools that enhance the data center resource and environment management process, like advanced power management, but these same platforms work to further optimize valuable data center resources. By using intelligent and scalable platforms, your organization can improve resource consumption, cloud utilization and more. Solid data center management platforms help empower your business and data center to
consume less energy and trim infrastructure costs.

In this white paper, we’ll discuss these key topics to help your data center operate more efficiently and costeffectively:
• Growing energy utilization
• Creating cooling efficiencies
• Enabling efficiency best practices
Furthermore, we’ll look at great ways to overcome cooling, energy and even design challenges.