DCF Show: 8 Key Data Center Industry Themes for 2024, Part 3

Jan. 24, 2024
This month on the Data Center Frontier Show podcast, we read down site founder and Editor at Large Rich Miller's annual data center industry trends forecast. This week's read looks at how AI is driving design updates for power and cooling, why air permitting at scale is a hot potato for the industry, and optimal site selection for Green MegaCampuses.

Rich Miller has delivered his annual article containing his top data center industry forecasts, predictions and insights for the year ahead. Of chief concern among the eight key themes forecasted to define the year is how the AI boom will ripple through the digital infrastructure sector in 2024, impacting the availability of data center space, the supply chain, and factors of pricing, cooling, power and design.

"Artificial intelligence is hot," writes Miller. "So hot that the AI boom is creating a resource-constrained world, driving stupendous demand for GPUs, data centers and AI expertise. All three are likely to be in short supply, but none so much as wholesale data center space. This is the trend that dominates our annual forecast."

Since our industry coverage at DCF throughout the year will frequently refer back to this forecast article, we've decided to enumerate all eight themes throughout several podcast episodes this month. 

For this episode, we read down the article's themes 6 through 8:

6.  AI Drives Design Updates for Power and Cooling
7.  Air Permitting at Scale is a Hot Potato
8.  Site Selection Optimizes for Green MegaCampuses

Listen to Themes 1 and 2

Listen to Themes 3 through 5

Read the full forecast: The Eight Themes That Will Shape the Data Center Industry in 2024

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Matt Vincent

A B2B technology journalist and editor with more than two decades of experience, Matt Vincent is Editor in Chief of Data Center Frontier.

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