DCF Podcast: Data Centers, AI & Creative Destruction

Nov. 17, 2023
In this episode of the Data Center Frontier Show podcast, Matt Vincent, Editor-in-Chief of Data Center Frontier, is joined by Sean Farney, Vice President for Data Center Strategy for JLL Americas, to talk about how AI will impact data centers.

Ten years into the fourth industrial revolution, we now live in a “datacentered” world where data has become the currency of both business and personal value. In fact, the value proposition for every Fortune 500 company involves data. And now, seemingly out of nowhere, artificial intelligence has come along and is looking to be one of the most disruptive changes to digital infrastructure that we’ve ever seen.

In this episode of the Data Center Frontier Show podcast, Matt Vincent, Editor-in-Chief of Data Center Frontier, talks to Sean Farney, Vice President for Data Center Strategy for JLL Americas, about how AI will impact data centers.

Listen to this 30-minute podcast to learn more about:

  • The cultural context of AI technologies for data centers
  •  The impact AI will have on data center design
  • Balancing sustainability concerns with AI
  • And AI and adaptive reuse for circularity in the data center

About Sean Farney:

As Vice President of Data Center Strategy for the Americas, Sean helps clients operate more than 900 data centers sustainably and efficiently. Prior roles, include Director of Data Center Marketing at Kohler, Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Edge data center startup of Ubiquity Critical Environments, and data center manager for Microsoft’s 120MW Chicago facility.    
Sean strives to embody sustainability personally; he hunts, grows, or harvests a majority of his food and burns deadfall to heat his home, earning him a county-leading Energy Star rating.   
He holds a master’s degree in Information Technology from Northwestern University.

About JLL:

At JLL, we see a brighter way forward for our clients, people, and planet.  By combining technology & expertise, we leverage the built environment to change the world for the better.  We help build, buy, occupy, and invest in a variety of assets, including data centers, managing 900 facilites across 200M sf of mission critical space globally.  We also complete 200+ site selection transactions and $7B of capitalization annually. 

About the Author

Matt Vincent

A B2B technology journalist and editor with more than two decades of experience, Matt Vincent is Editor in Chief of Data Center Frontier.

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