Why Industry Leaders Design for Observability and Resiliency

Aug. 23, 2022
Uptime, efficiency, performance and observability are critical as data center leaders make decisions around their digital infrastructure. Learn how to improve data center management by designing for observability and resiliency in this new article courtesy of Honeywell.

To meet the changing demands customers are placing on data centers, industry leaders are shifting their approach to managing their environment, their delivery model and the ways in which they use the cloud. By designing their systems for increased observability and resilience, they’re able to improve operations by minimizing costly human errors that result from tedious tasks and manual processes.

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The Data Center Human Element: Designing for Observability, Resiliency and Better Operations, featuring Honeywell, outlines strategies for data center leaders as they move away from traditional data center management concepts and design the future of digital infrastructure. Check out our recent article series focused on the special report:

The Human Element: Tools to Improve Data Center Management: We kick off our article series by looking at how new demands are being placed on data centers, forcing them to rethink the way they approach their environment, delivery model, and how they can leverage the cloud. This article highlights four emerging challenges industry leaders face as they make the shift to support observability, resiliency, and improved operations.

Understanding the Data Center Management Journey: In our second article in the series, we explore the journey from legacy to modern data center infrastructure through the lens of four new and critical trends. We also look at how new solutions create new design and partner considerations, the challenges of the digital age, and the data center “great resignation.”

Key Observability Considerations to Support Digital Infrastructure: This article discusses how observability has changed to support digital infrastructure. We outline seven key considerations when sourcing and engaging with partners. Asking the right questions around their supply chain and overall business strategies will ensure they are aligned with your goals. We also outline emerging considerations that face digital infrastructure, and the elements of digital infrastructure that require strong observability.

The Data Center Tools that Improve Operations and Help Reduce Risk: We conclude our article series by discussing how the human element needs to be considered when creating observability in digital infrastructure – and how tools can improve data center operations and reduce risk. Five real-world scenarios and stressors that impact data center management are presented, along with examples of the tools that can be used to overcome each challenge.

Download the entire special report, The Data Center Human Element: Designing for Observability, Resiliency and Better Operations, featuring Honeywell, to learn more.

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