Virtual Interconnection is the Future of IT Infrastructure

July 5, 2022
The future of business is going to be decentralized and distributed, but also constantly connected. Learn why virtual interconnections will be the future of software-driven IT infrastructure in this article featuring insights from DataBank.

The future of business is going to be decentralized and distributed, but also constantly connected. The rapid pace of digital transformation happening across all industries, as well as the growth of service-as-a-software, edge computing, IoT connected devices, real-time analytics, and high speed networks can lead to no other conclusion. This is why interconnection is the colocation industry’s fastest growing segment.

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How Virtual Interconnection Supports Distributed Digital Business, featuring DataBank, provides insights on why virtual interconnections are the future of software-driven IT infrastructure. Check out our recent article series focused on the special report:

Distributed Businesses Need Virtual Interconnections: We are in the midst of what many are calling the Great Decentralization of business. In this article, we explore the factors driving decentralization and the reasons why virtual interconnections will be critical to future success for colocation providers.

The Future is Software Driven and Virtualization is the Path Forward: In our second article on virtual interconnections, we look into why experts believe the future of IT infrastructure is software driven. A further evolution of virtualization, software-defined infrastructure will allow resources to be utilized in the most efficient and effective way.

Virtual Interconnection: New Technology For Cutting Edge Data Centers: Up next, we examine the benefits of virtualizing interconnection. Relatively new technology, interconnection virtualization is gaining traction with colocation and cloud service providers because it allows for the creation of virtual cross-connects between multiple stakeholders. Ultimately, it provides flexibility and better economics around data center workloads.

Data Centers Must Rethink Interconnection in Order to Evolve: We conclude our article series by exploring why data centers must evolve by rethinking interconnection. The article says, “the organizations that lead the Great Decentralization of business will be those that can most swiftly effectively free themselves from the shackles of legacy infrastructure and embrace data-driven decision-making.”

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