The Processor Matters With Bare-Metal Computing

Oct. 12, 2021
The decision to use a bare-metal cloud provider is usually driven at least in part by performance considerations. A DCF special report looks at why processors matter when it comes to bare-metal computing.

Last week in our special report series, we discussed several things to look for when choosing a bare-metal computing provider, including instant provisioning and GPU options. In our final article in the series, we’ll explore why processors matter when it comes to bare-metal computing and selecting a bare-metal cloud provider.

Processors matter

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The decision to use a bare-metal cloud provider is usually driven at least in part by performance considerations, making the choice of CPU a critical factor. Look for a provider that uses the latest processors, memory, solid-state storage, and interconnect technology for industry-leading performance. The 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors are optimized for cloud, enterprise, high-performance computing, network, security, and edge workloads with 8 to 40 powerful cores and a wide range of frequency, feature, and power levels. Purpose-built for bare-metal computing, they are the only data center CPUs with built-in AI acceleration and power management.

The Persistent Memory 200 Series for the 3rd Gen Intel Xeon processors features up to 32% more memory bandwidth and more memory per socket for cutting-edge retrieval and storage performance. The new processors also support up to six Intel UltraPath Interconnect channels for scalability and inter-CPU bandwidth to handle I/O- intensive workloads. The upgraded Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 512 are built to support even the heaviest computational workloads such as modeling and simulation, data analytics, machine learning, and digital content creation.

The 3rd Gen Xeon processors are also the most secure on the market, with in-memory application isolation, crypto acceleration, and Intel Total Memory Encryption for full physical memory encryption. They even protect against modifications to firmware.

Download the full report, “Bare-Metal Computing Leads a Changing Cloud Landscape,” courtesy of phoenixNAP and Intel for exclusive case study on how My Party Album used a bare-metal cloud service to cut its IT spending by 80%. 

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