Top Data Center White Papers of 2018: Hot Markets, Edge, Lithium-ion & More

Dec. 21, 2018
Find the 10 most popular data center white papers of 2018 all in one place. Read up on growing data center markets, the edge, hyperscale and more. Featured are offerings from Vantage Data Centers, Iron Mountain Data Centers, Vertiv, Chatsworth Products, Server Technology and more. 

Data Center Frontier offers readers an extensive library of industry white papers and reports. In looking back at 2018, we thought we’d review the most popular white papers on DCF for 2018, and see what insights they provide about industry education and trends.

The top reports ranged from deep looks at the data center real estate markets in Silicon Valley, Phoenix and Dallas to coverage of the evolving edge computing industry and its impact on the data center landscape.

Also featured among the top 10 data center white papers for the year were offerings from Vantage Data Centers, Iron Mountain Data Centers, Vertiv, Chatsworth Products, Server Technology and more.

Here are the most popular Data Center White Papers of 2018, as measured by downloads on Data Center Frontier:

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#1: Silicon Valley Data Center Market: One of the Largest & Most Important in US
Vantage Data Centers & Data Center Frontier
The Silicon Valley data center market is one of the largest and most important in the U.S., providing space for servers to deploy new hardware and services from the Valley’s marquee technology companies, as well as a legion of fast-moving startups. Download.

#2: Lithium-Ion Batteries & Their Role in the Future of UPS Energy Storage for Data Centers
Liion & Data Center Frontier
Widely used in today’s consumer electronics, lithium-ion batteries are now being adopted as a backup energy source for Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) in data centers. In the next few years, they will play a much bigger role in UPS applications. Data center owners and colocation will have more secure power infrastructure due to the use of embedded blockchain technology in lithium-ion battery Management Systems (BMS). Download.

#3: Building Boom Continues in Dallas Data Center Market
RagingWire Data Centers & Data Center Frontier
The Dallas/Fort Worth region is one of the largest and most active data center markets in the United States. It is currently experiencing a data center building boom, with hundreds of megawatts of potential capacity in the pipeline. The Dallas data center market is benefiting from excellent power and fiber infrastructure, competitive economic incentives and robust competition among service providers. Download. 

#4: Edge Computing: The Data Center Frontier Special Report
BaseLayer & Data Center Frontier
Edge computing is certainly here to stay. As we see greater distribution of IT systems and more connected devices, the need to push content closer to end users is easily seen. This paper explores the evolution of edge computing, how connectivity has evolved over the years, and how to actually prepare your data center and business for an edge ecosystem. Download. 

#5: Special Report on the Hyperscale Data Center Market
QTS & Data Center Frontier
This Data Center Frontier Special Report on the hyperscale data center market examines the increasing need for data center and cloud resources from both the business and consumer service perspective and how it has led to the development of large-scale cloud-ready data centers built for hyperscale capabilities. Today, hyperscale cloud operators are increasingly dominating the cloud landscape. Download.

Phoenix is the sixth-largest market for data center capacity in the U.S., trailing Northern  Virginia, Silicon Valley, Dallas, Chicago and New Jersey. (Photo: H5 Data Centers)

#6: Phoenix Data Center Market Special Report
Iron Mountain Data Centers
The Phoenix colocation market is ascendant, and is rapidly emerging as a destination for the largest players in hyperscale computing. It is currently experiencing a data center building boom, with hundreds of megawatts of potential capacity in the pipeline. The Phoenix region benefits from power and fiber infrastructure, and growing competition among service providers. Download. 

#7: Comparing Containment Systems 
Chatsworth Products
This white paper examines and compares three data center containment systems and demonstrates that there are important differences to consider that distinguish one system over the others. It will help you to determine the best containment option for your data center requirements and your business goals. Download. 

Download the full report.

#8: The Mission Critical Data Center: Creating Complete Resiliency & ComplianceStream Data Centers & Data Center Frontier Today’s data centers have evolved to support a growing business, a dynamic workforce, and constantly changing business demands. IT and data center administrators are constantly tasked with creating a more resilient ecosystem capable of constant uptime and availability, especially for the mission critical data center. Download. 

#9: Top 10 Concerns of Data Center Managers in 2018
Server Technology
recent article by Steve Gillaspy of Intel outlined many of the challenges faced by those responsible for designing, operating, and sustaining the IT and physical support infrastructure found in today’s data centers. This paper targets four of the five macro trends discussed by Gillaspy, as well as the top 10 concerns for today’s data center managers. Download.

#10: Understanding Buyer Behaviors for Colocation Services
Vertiv recently conducted an online survey of 226 U.S. enterprise data center managers regarding their use of colocation services – current and planned. Respondent industries included financial services, education, manufacturing, healthcare, government, professional service and telecommunications. Download.

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