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How Four Efficiency and Density Points are Reshaping Data Center Network Architecture

Jan. 9, 2023
In a world connected by digital infrastructure, new network considerations must be taken to ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and sustainability

Over the last few years, we’ve seen just how critical connectivity is for the global community. Data center operators know that their uptime, resiliency, and sustainability are key to supporting that connectivity. While every data center facility is built differently, most IT leaders are looking for sustainable and efficient ways to reduce complexity, increase density, and provide a better time-to-market pace.

This special report explores four efficiency and density solutions that are helping data centers reshape the way they design critical digital infrastructure. First, the report looks at how design components have evolved over time. Then it dives into new digital infrastructure decision points by presenting efficiency and design solutions to support critical infrastructure. It also explores ways to support new global demands, reduce complexity and improve time-to-market capacity.

Finally, the report provides real-world use cases, design considerations, and tips for moving away from legacy concepts to a new, connected data center architecture.