Voices of 2022: The Top 10 Voices of the Industry Columns

Dec. 21, 2022
As 2022 draws to a close, who better to turn to for advice on how to handle the changing business landscape than the data center industry’s leaders? Here are the top 10 most popular Voices of the Industry columns published by Data Center Frontier for 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, who better to turn to for advice on how to handle the changing business landscape than the data center industry’s leaders? Part of Data Center Frontier’s mission is education. In our Voices of the Industry feature, we share the experience of data center executives on the front lines of innovation.

Want to learn more about different types of data centers, sustainability, or renewable energy? What about the future of fire protection, thermal management technologies, or the latest definition of the edge?

Here are the top 10 most popular Voices of the Industry columns on Data Center Frontier for 2022:

1. Understanding the Differences Between 5 Common Types of Data Centers (Belden)
No two are data centers are alike when it comes to design or the applications and data they support with their networking, compute and storage infrastructure. Shad Secrist of Belden outlines the differences between 5 of the most common types of data centers including edge, colocation and hyperscale.

2. The Future of Fire Protection for Battery Energy Storage Systems (Viking Integrated Safety)
There are technologies and techniques that can mitigate or avoid battery thermal runaway if threat warning signs are detected early. Steven Joseph of Viking Integrated Safety, explores options for reliable fire protection for battery energy storage systems.

3. Are Operators Ready for Green Data Center Laws? (Future Facilities)
Data center climate pacts become nothing more than greenwashing if we do not take tangible, viable steps to create sustainable energy usage in operations. Mark Fenton of Future Facilities explores how a data center digital twin can help operators improve energy efficiency.

4. Why Modular Data Centers Are Good for the Environment (ZincFive)
While the approach to conventional data center deployments can be rigid, modular data centers offer flexibility, customization, and a number of sustainability benefits. Tod Higinbotham, COO of ZincFive, outlines some of the key ways that modular data center systems can help you achieve your sustainability goals.

5. The State of Data Center Sustainability (Advanced Energy)
As the push towards sustainability gathers pace, Brian Korn, Vice President of Data Center Computing for Advanced Energy, explores environmental trends for data centers of the future.

6. Water is Life(Stream Data Centers) Water is a resource we must acknowledge as finite, and we must safeguard it accordingly. Stream Data Center’s Chris Bair and Yvonne Deir share their perspectives on data center water use and how to optimize water consumption.

7. The Semiconductor Roadmap Embraces Innovative Thermal Management Technologies (JetCool)
Paul Hofemann of JetCool, outlines the semiconductor roadmap progression and explores thermal challenges that the industry must address.

8. The Benefits of Integrating BMS and EPMS (Schneider Electric)
Sepehr Zarrabi, Solution Sales Engineer at Schneider Electric, explores the benefits of integrating building management system (BMS) software and electrical power management system (EPMS) software into one cohesive and seamless platform.

9. Living on the Edge (Kohler)
The edge is no longer a specific size or as precise of a place as it once was, but just because it has grown more complex doesn’t mean that we can’t distinguish what or where it is. Sean Farney, Director of Data Center Marketing at Kohler Power Systems explores the ever evolving definition of the edge.

10. Renewable Energy and Rising Energy Costs: Market Dynamics at Play (Iron Mountain)
Across the industry, markets around the world are feeling the impact from the ongoing war and resulting constraints in the supply of fossil fuels. Chris Pennington of Iron Mountain Data Centers provides insights on the market dynamics of renewable energy and energy costs.

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Kathy Hitchens

Kathy Hitchens has been writing professionally for more than 30 years. She focuses on the renewable energy, electric vehicle, utility, data center, and financial services sectors. Kathy has a BFA from the University of Arizona and a MBA from the University of Denver.  

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