Data Center Design and Sustainability Forum

May 23, 2023
Learn about the role that sustainability can play in data center design with these resources.

Sustainability is a hot topic in the data center industry as providers strive to reduce emissions, energy consumption, and water usage while also keeping pace with increased demand for data center services.

To help you better understand the role sustainability can play in data center design, Data Center Frontier has gathered industry experts and resources to explore the latest trends and strategies.

Below you'll find our latest special reports on the topic, as well as information on how you can participate in Data Center Forum: Design and Sustainability, a one-day, multi-session webinar featuring industry leaders from Data Center Frontier, Infrastructure Masons, and Nautilus Data Technologies.

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Here is a brief summary of Modernizing Efficiency and Time-to-Market: A New Approach to Data Center Design, a new special report featuring Nautilus Data Technologies.

Section 1: Data Center Design — From Legacy to Modern: During an era of unprecedented digital infrastructure growth, learn how leaders embrace design modernization to impact time-to-market and sustainability.

Section 2: From Modernization to Modular — Adapting to New Industry Norms: Explore key considerations for modular data centers.

Section 3: Four Design Strategies to Support Infrastructure Modernization: Learn how new and innovative modular designs now support zero water consumption, zero refrigerants, and zero chemicals and cause no harm to the water or wildlife.

Section 4: Modern Modular in the Real World: Learn how modular data center solutions operate in the real world. 

Download the entire report, Modernizing Efficiency and Time-to-Market: A New Approach to Data Center Design to learn more.

Data Center Forum: Design and Sustainability Webinar Series - June 27

We also invite you to join us for Data Center Forum: Design and Sustainability. We’ll gather experts from Data Center Frontier, Infrastructure Masons, and Nautilus Data Technologies on June 27 for a series of interactive webinars. During this one-day event, we'll explore the latest trends and strategies for data center design and sustainability.

Session 1 - Data Center Frontier Forum on Design and Sustainability Intro (11 a.m. – 12 p.m. EST)
Join Data Center Frontier’s Editor in Chief Rich Miller as he sits down with industry veterans from Infrastructure Masons and ECL to explore how the latest trends are impacting data center design and sustainability. Learn about the steps you can take now to improve the sustainability of your data center, as well as strategies for building a road map to more sustainable data center operations.

Featured speakers include Dean Nelson, Editor in Chief Infrastructure Masons / Cato and Yuval Bachar, Founder and CEO of ECL.

Session 2 - Modernizing Efficiency and Time-to-Market: A New Approach to Data Center Design (12 p.m. – 1 p.m. EST)
Over the past four years, the data center industry has undergone a massive transformation, with digital infrastructure becoming a critical component of daily life. The COVID-19 pandemic only heightened the need for data centers, as virtual communication and online services have become even more essential.

As a result, the global data center market has witnessed a significant boost in recent years, but with that has come a growing number of challenges around things like supply chain issues, legacy construction, and unsustainable practices. Despite these obstacles, the industry is evolving rapidly, with modernization efforts focused on improving speed-to-market while maintaining the quality of infrastructure.

During this talk, Bill Kleyman, board member at and Cato Digital, and Patrick Quick, Chief Technology Officer of Nautilus Data Technologies, will delve into the state of the data center industry. They’ll explore new developments in modular design, sustainability efforts, and the emergence of new technology that offers viable solutions to the growing demand for digital infrastructure.

Click here to register for one or both of the webinars.

Other resources

To learn more about how sustainability impacts data center design, check out these great resources:

Sustainability in Data Center Site Selection

In today’s world, customers, local governments, and other stakeholders are focused on how good a corporate citizen a data center might be, as well as how it could benefit the community it calls home. This is driving a change in the mindset of data center operators as they evolve their sustainability practices. Now, rather than just focusing on a single metric such as PUE, the industry is shifting to a holistic measurement of sustainability and overall efficiency.

This special report, courtesy of Nautilus Data Technologies, explores the role that sustainability should play in the development and deployment of data centers.

Download Sustainability in Data Center Site Selection to learn more.

Piping and Liquid Transport: The Achilles Heel of Data Centers

Rigid carbon steel and plastic pipes are commonly found in data centers, but weaknesses present risks to IT infrastructure and uptime percentages, which increase operational expenditures and total cost of ownership. Plus, the maintenance of those pipes threatens data center security and operations.

This white paper from Brugg Pipes discusses the risks associated with traditional carbon steel and plastic piping infrastructure, and it explains how stainless steel pipes with features like perpetual leak monitoring, weld-free connection fittings, and integrated surveillance can counteract those risks and safeguard IT infrastructure.

Download Piping and Liquid Transport: The Achilles Heel of Data Centers to learn more. 

Next Steps

Data center technologies are evolving at a rapid pace, driven by increased demand for reliable services that are efficient and sustainable. We invite you to stay up to date with the latest news on data center trends, news, and thought leadership by subscribing to the free Data Center Frontier Newsletter

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