How Immersion Cooling is Transforming Data Centers

Aug. 8, 2023
A new Data Center Frontier Special Report article series outlines how immersion cooling is changing data center density and design.

Data center demand is increasing sharply thanks in large part to the rise of artificial intelligence, IoT devices, automation, cloud and high performance computing. These increased workloads are driving a significant increase in power usage, densities, and heat production, challenging the capabilities of traditional air-cooled ecosystems.  

New Data Center Efficiency Imperatives: How Immersion Cooling is Evolving Density and Design, featuring Hypertec, explores the fundamental shift that’s taking place in the way the data center industry approaches cooling. Specifically, it explores the evolution of immersion cooling and how data center leaders use this technology to achieve new efficiency goals. Check out our recent article series focused on the special report:

How Immersion Cooling is Changing Data Center Density and Design: As new demands around cloud computing, big data, and infrastructure power and cooling emerge, it’s critical that you deploy the right data center technologies. Immersion cooling isn’t anything new, but in this first article in our series, we explore how recent technological advancements have made it easier for more data centers to adopt the technology.

Immersion Cooling: Trends That are Transforming the Data Center: In our second article, we dive into how immersion cooling changes data center design, as well as how the evolution of immersion cooling has made today’s liquid cooling solutions much more feasible. We also outline some of the critical challenges facing digital infrastructure tody.

Immersion Cooling: Top 5 Design and Deployment Considerations: The third article in our series outlines five key design considerations when working with immersion cooling. We also bust five of the most common myths by showing how challenges have been overcome with modern immersion cooling designs.

How to Get Started on Your Immersion Cooling Journey: Before you begin your immersion cooling journey, it’s important to understand your use case and where immersion cooling can make a powerful impact on your business. In this final article in our series, we present a checklist to help you determine what in your environment can be submerged. We also explain the difference between single phase and two-phase immersion cooling so you can determine which is the best option for your data center.

Download the entire report, New Data Center Efficiency Imperatives: How Immersion Cooling is Evolving Density and Design, featuring Hypertec, to learn more.

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