Data Center Power Educational Forum

Sept. 29, 2023
Learn about the latest data center power technology with these resources.

With the need for increased speed and the drive to be sustainable businesses, finding, controlling and managing data center power is a critical issue. New strategies and technologies are coming to the fore. Understanding these new power options is now critical to continued growth.

To help you better understand data center digitization and the multiple forces that often challenge build outs, Data Center Frontier has brought together industry experts and resources to help explain these key trends.

Below you will find overviews of our live presentations as well as key online resources for the Data Center Frontier Power Education Forum, a one-day, multi-session webinar featuring speakers from Cummins and Eaton, and supported by Stream Data Centers and IceMOS Technology.

These resources are made possible by our sponsors:

Session 1 – How Digital Transformation is Enabling Data Centers' Energy Transformation (1 p.m. – 2 p.m. EST)

Join Matt Vincent, Editor in Chief of Data Center Frontier, as he sits down with James Spears, Technical Marketing Manager at Eaton, to discuss key energy trends and challenges associated with data center growth and digital transformation. They’ll explore the benefits of data center digitalization, including how it addresses reporting, metrics, and service delivery challenges, how digitalization can facilitate present and future adoption of renewables and ESG compliance programs, and why energy and power needs are top drivers for data center digital transformations.

Session 2 - Evolution of Data Center Onsite Power Use - (2 p.m. - 3 p.m. EST)

One of the biggest challenges confronting data center operators today is how to build out to meet expected demand in an environment where power is constrained by regulatory and infrastructure limitations. In some regions, utilities may not have sufficient capacity to meet planned data center deployments. Local air quality boards are limiting the number of hours standby generators can run. Data center operators have ambitious ESG goals that are impacted by power usage. Moderated by Data Center Frontier Senior Editor David Chernicoff and featuring Yue Tu, Innovation Program Manager at Microsoft, and Rich Scroggins, Technical Advisor for Data Center Markets at Cummins, this sesssion will look at these challenges from the perspective of a hyperscaler and a power generation equipment supplier.

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Other Resources

To learn more about data center digitization and the forces that challenge build outs, check out these great resources:

2023 Data Center Progress Report: Digital Transformation and the Energy Transition 
From a lack of digital tools to overwhelming volumes of data and digital staffing challenges, data center owners and operators have many hurdles to overcome as they take on the job of digitizing their own operations. This white paper dives into the results of an Eaton and 451 Research survey on the digital transformation efforts of 152 commercial data center owners and operators across eight countries. It includes takeaways on data center dynamics, operational, business and sustainability challenges, and digital technologies, staffing and skills.
Silicon Superjunction MOSFET Technology – “The Overlooked Solution”
The development of a semiconductor data center chipset as a path to greater efficiency has been largely focused on high-performance processing devices. These chips are intended to address the increasing demand for more computing that is expected to take place. However, device technology is being developed to help address the power efficiency challenges that should also be included in that chipset that most people tend to overlook. This paper highlights the vision for advancements being pursued by IceMOS for future use in data centers that will enable greater efficiencies.

Additional information is available on the Cummins and Stream Data Centers websites.

Next Steps

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