The Data Center Edge of Tomorrow: Digital Twins, AI and the Network

Oct. 26, 2023
A recent special report article series outlines five critical ways that digital twins and artificial intelligence will impact the network.

In our modern world, the ability to connect is critical to achieving work-life balance. As more and more of our lives have moved online over the past decade, data centers have embraced a fundamental shift around the deployment of technology solutions. In order to meet the world’s evolving and growing connectivity demands, data centers must now consider how modernization and network evolutions impact connectivity as well as the cloud and data center balance.

The Data Center Edge of Tomorrow: Five Critical Ways Digital Twins and AI Will Impact the Network, featuring VIAVI, explores five ways that new artificial intelligence tools and digital twins will positively impact connectivity and the modern network. Check out our recent article series focused on the special report:

The Data Center Edge of Tomorrow: How Digital Twins and AI Will Impact the Network: Today, there are around 900 hyperscale data centers and more than 8,600 colocation and wholesale data center facilities around the world. We kick off our article series by exploring connectivity trends and how connectivity impacts the new cloud and data center balance.

Connectivity Modernization: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going: In this article, we continue our look at significant connectivity trends and present five new design and partner considerations for data center operators. We also provide tips for overcoming connectivity challenges in the digital age.

Digital Twins and AI in the Network: Top 5 Network Modernization Considerations: To keep pace with the rapid pace of change in the market, data centers are undergoing a major reboot — from design to scale to how they are powered, organized, and run. In our third article in the series, we dive into some key network modernization considerations that will help you keep a competitive edge. We discuss the orchestration of connectivity, supporting new devices and connections, and why the next iteration of network intelligence and testing will revolve around digital twins and AI solutions in the network.

Physical and Digital Network Modernization: The New Role of AI/ML in Testing Automation, Validation and Optimization: We conclude our article series by looking further at how digital twins and AI can be used in the network. We explain how digital twins allow you to leverage intelligence calibrated by real network big data, as well as how AI and ML can be used to find both challenges and opportunities. We wrap things up with a real-world case study featuring VMware.

Download the entire report, The Data Center Edge of Tomorrow: Five Critical Ways Digital Twins and AI Will Impact the Network, featuring VIAVI, to learn more.

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