Earth Day 2021: Data Centers Adopt Renewables, Innovate on Efficiency

April 22, 2021
Earth Day 2021 is focusing on “Restore Our Earth.” Here’s a look at how the data center industry continues to expand its use of green technologies, renewable energy and innovations in efficiency.

The theme of Earth Day 2021 is “Restore Our Earth,” which focuses on natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems. The data center industry continues to expand its use of green technologies to produce power that runs systems as well as deploy innovations which allow for more compute and storage with the least amount of energy used.

Data Center Frontier stands at the forefront of covering the companies, individuals and technologies in the green energy arena. For Earth Day 2021, we’ve compiled recent articles, guest columns and research on sustainable energy.

Iron Mountain Adds Hourly Renewable Energy Tracking for its Data Centers
Iron Mountain will begin tracking the hourly renewable content of the energy used in several of its data centers, reflecting the growing enterprise interest in the sustainability of their IT supply chain.

Podcast: Can Cloud Computing Lead the Way on Climate?
When it comes to climate change, it is time for the data center sector to lead. On the DCF Show Podcast, Rich Miller outlines how cloud computing can drive a global shift to renewably-powered business.

The Power of Progress: Price, Predictability Boost Interest in Renewables
The outlook on renewable energy for data centers is changing. That’s one takeaway from a conversation with Iron Mountain executives Kevin Hagen and Alex Sharp about the future of sustainable data centers.

The Power of the Negawatt: Efficiency Improves Data Centers’ Energy Impact
Cloud computing has emerged as a surprising force for sustainability, improving its energy efficiency while emerging as the largest buyers of renewable energy. A new DCF special report highlights the key role data centers are playing in sustainability.

Voices: From PUE to ‘GUE’ – Measuring the Continued Evolution of Data Center Sustainability
Sean Farney, Director of Data Center Marketing, Kohler Power Systems, highlights the need  for an all-encompassing and standardized way to measure and report on data center sustainability across the entire data center ecosystem.

Dominion Energy Plans More Green Power for Virginia’s Data Centers 
Dominion Energy is developing more renewable energy for its power grid, a welcome development for tech companies seeking more green power for their data centers in Northern Virginia.

Voices: Dataverse Growth Requires Sustainable Data Solutions
Damien Gaynor, Chief Marketing Officer from Echelon Data Centres, explores the dataverse and how its growth requires sustainable data solutions.

Echelon Sees Green in Wind-Powered Irish Data Center Project
Echelon Data Centres is bringing integrated renewable energy to its new wind-powered data center project in the Dublin market, one of Europe’s most important cloud computing hubs.

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