QuickChat: Why Track Busways Are Still The Answer For Data Centers

Oct. 19, 2023
Watch this QuickChat between John Berenbrok of Starline and Data Center Frontier’s Matt Vincent as they discuss why Track Busways are the answer for Data Centers

As artificial intelligence, streaming, gaming, and self-driving cars become more pervasive, so too do high-performance computing workloads, which can only be supported by higher power density. To keep pace with this ever changing landscape, data center operators must find new and creative solutions, adapting their designs and technologies to meet demand.

In this Quick Chat video, Matt Vincent, Editor-in-Chief of Data Center Frontier, sits down to talk to John Berenbrok, Director of Product Management at Starline to discuss the state of data center power and Starline’s track busway.

Watch this 8-minute Quick Chat to hear these questions answered:

1. With the advancement of AI, do you believe there is more importance for metering power distribution, particularly track busway systems?

2. How is the increase in power density in data centers impacting power distribution systems?

3. What are the inherent advantages of busway systems of pipe and cable?

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