Power Resiliency for Data Centers

Sept. 19, 2022
More and more, data center industry leaders are looking to replace traditional diesel generators with new energy resiliency solutions that provide cleaner, more sustainable backup power. DCF’S Rich Miller and Enchanted Rock’s Brian Jabeck will explore resiliency and data center energy solutions during a September 29 webinar.

Between regulatory and customer demands, and a desire to do the right thing for the planet, data centers are making a serious push to meet sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint. One area garnering a lot of attention these days is backup power. More and more, industry leaders are looking to replace traditional diesel generators with new energy resiliency solutions that provide cleaner, more sustainable backup power. As evidence of this market shift, just look at the some of the latest data center construction announcements. One common theme is that these new facilities are deploying everything from biofuels to fuel cells, thermal, and solar to ensure uptime standards and sustainability goals are met.

So how do you know which of these clean technologies is right for your data center? Can you rely on these clean technologies to provide the resiliency you need to keep operations running smoothly?

Register today, at no cost, for the webinar, “Power Resiliency for Data Centers” scheduled for Thursday, September 29 at 1 p.m. EST. 

Join Data Center Frontier’s Editor in Chief Rich Miller for an hour long webinar on Thursday, September 29 at 1 p.m., when Rich will explore new data center energy solutions with Brian Jabeck, Global Accounts Director for Enchanted Rock.

During the webinar, industry experts will discuss:

  • Strategies to avoid grid instability
  • An overview of today’s most promising energy technologies for data center operators
  • How data center operators can turn their energy systems into a revenue generating asset

There will be a live question and answer session during the event.

Don’t miss this live webinar and discussion on Thursday, September 29. Register today for “Power Resiliency for Data Centers.” 

(Can’t make the live event?  Register now and get automatically notified when the session is available for ‘On Demand’ viewing.)

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Kathy Hitchens has been writing professionally for more than 30 years. She focuses on the renewable energy, electric vehicle, utility, data center, and financial services sectors. Kathy has a BFA from the University of Arizona and a MBA from the University of Denver.  

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