WEBINAR: How to Leverage Technology for Better Data Center Sustainability

March 8, 2022
Demand is growing for software solutions that can simplify the monitoring and reporting of CO2 emissions for data centers. Join DCF editor Rich Miller on March 15 at 1pm for a discussion of green IT strategies with Intel Solutions Architects Rami Radi and Shuming Zhu. #sustainability #green #esg #tracking

The demand for sustainable business practices is growing across all industries, including the data center market. Pressure to reduce carbon emissions is coming both from customers and in the form of new regulations that call for improved efficiencies. This, in turn, is driving demand for software solutions that can simplify the process of monitoring and reporting CO2 emissions. What technology solutions are available to support your data center sustainability initiatives?

As the need to monitor and report CO2 emissions is growing, many operators are looking for software solutions that will simplify the process. A sustainability dashboard could be the first step to increase data center efficiency.

Register today, at no cost, for the webinar, “How to Leverage Technology for Better Data Sustainability,” scheduled for Tuesday, March 15 at 1 p.m. EST. 

Join Data Center Frontier’s Editor in Chief Rich Miller for an hour long webinar on Tuesday, March 15 at 1pm, when Rich will discuss green IT strategies with Rami Radi, Senior Software Application Engineer, Data Center Management Solutions for Intel, and Shuming Zhu, Solutions Architect at Intel.

Attendees will learn about Intel’s market view and some of the technologies that are currently available to support data center sustainability initiatives. The discussion will include a deep dive on:

  • Potential first steps in building a sustainability program for data centers.
  • Why device level monitoring is one of the first building blocks for data center efficiency activity.
  • How Intel data center manager technology can be used as a sustainability tool.

There will be a live question and answer session during the event.

Don’t miss this live webinar and discussion on Tuesday, March 15. Register today for “How to Leverage Technology for Better Data Center Sustainability.” 

(Can’t make the live event?  Register now and get automatically notified when the session is available for ‘On Demand’ viewing.)

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