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Liquid cooling is in your future

June 26, 2023
The data center environment is changing as densities increase and operating temperature rise. These fundamental shifts in the way data centers operate is driving the need for more efficient, environmentally friendly cooling options. Liquid cooling options increasingly fit that bill. Are you prepared for your data center’s cooling upgrade? Do you know what steps to take when your air-cooled systems reach their end of life or when you need to add support for new high power computing technologies? If not, now’s the time to get ready.

This special report, featuring nVent, explains why liquid cooling is the future of the data center. First, the report explains why liquid cooling is so important and how it will increase your flexibility and capabilities. Then, the author outlines the three primary types of liquid cooling –liquid-to-air, liquid-to-liquid, and direct immersion.

Finally, the report provides tips for how to deploy liquid cooling solutions, how to evaluate your environment for the move to liquid cooling, and why it’s important to build for the future.

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