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Cadence Design Systems

Unlocking the Power of Liquid Cooling: Separating Hype from Reality

Mark Fenton of Cadence, explains that while liquid cooling has many benefits, data center operators should still utilize complementary tools, like data center digital twins, to...

Stream Data Centers

Data Center Development in an AI World

AI has gone mainstream, and the impact is reverberating everywhere. Mike Licitra, Vice President of Solutions Architecture at Stream Data Centers, has been watching the trend ...
Iron Mountain Data Centers

Navigating Industry Challenges and Opportunities in the Age of Generative AI

Mark Kidd, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Iron Mountain Data Centers & Asset Lifecycle Management, takes a look at how Generative AI is reshaping the data center ...
Aerial view of Compass Datacenters' campus in Red Oak, Texas. Photo: Compass Datacenters
Aerial view of Compass Datacenters' campus in Red Oak, Texas. Photo: Compass Datacenters

How U.S. Manufacturing Is Rising To Meet Booming Data Center Industry Demand

Nov. 17, 2023
As exemplified by Schneider Electric's new $3 billion multi-year technology agreement with Compass Datacenters, infrastructure specialists locating key U.S. manufacturing facilities...
Data Center Frontier / Matt Vincent
Rental car's eye view of entry into the Flexential Dallas-Plano Data Center at 3500 East Plano Parkway in Plano, Texas.

DCF Tours: Flexential Dallas-Plano Data Center, 18 MW Colocation Facility

Nov. 15, 2023
As told by our tour guide, Flexential Regional Vice President Tom Myers, the Dallas-Plano data center's customer base is highly diversified across the industrial, retail, manufacturing...
Future Ready Data Centers Ebook Cover1540x800

Future-Ready Data Centers

Nov. 10, 2023
Sustainable Design for Reliability and Continuity
Rendering of a modular data center.

JLL, Lumen, Schneider Electric Team To Speed Modular Data Center Delivery Across U.S.

Nov. 1, 2023
JLL will quickly identify and secure suitable sites for modular data centers, including approximately 5,000 along Lumen’s fiber broadband network. Schneider Electric will head...
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A Strong After-Sales Support System Is Crucial When Acquiring Data Center Elements

Oct. 31, 2023
When acquiring data center elements like HVAC systems or backup power supply, the sale and delivery of the equipment are important factors. However, so is a strong after-sales...
Source: Chatsworth Products
Source: Chatsworth Products

Digital Resilience: Merging IT Growth with Environmental Responsibility

John Thompson, Field Application Engineer for Chatsworth Products, explains why the right cabinet ecosystem is a cornerstone in promoting and improving eco-friendly practices....