DCF Show: Liquid Cooling Technology Implications for AI-Era Data Center Designs

Aug. 29, 2023
Unpacking implications of the rise of liquid cooling technology for data center designs in "the era of AI."

Recognizing how data center liquid cooling technology has taken the spotlight this year, in this episode of the Data Center Frontier Show podcast, DCF Editor in Chief Matt Vincent sits down with Mark Fenton, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Cadence Design Systems; and Mark Seymour, Distinguished Engineer with Cadence and co-founder and CEO of Future Facilities, Ltd., a company specializing in digital twin technology for data centers, whom Cadence acquired in July of 2022.

The discussion unpacks some of the implications of the rise data center liquid cooling technology for data center designs in the era of AI, as proclaimed earlier this month in the pages of VentureBeat.

Listen to today's show:

Here's a timeline of points discussed on the podcast:

1:06 - Transitioning to the "AI Era" of Data Centers?

2:06 - The Cloud and AI Are Absolutely Symbiotic

3:40 - Liquid Cooling Customers: Traditional vs. Now

5:43 - The Beauty of Direct Liquid to Chip Technologies

7:07 - The Issue with Rack Retrofits

8:17 - Timing of Liquid Cooling Imperatives for Data Center Design

11:02 - Cost Considerations for Liquid Cooling: Is PUE a Bad Premise?

13:13 - How Data Center Design Tools are Accounting for Liquid Cooling Technologies

14:40 - Digital Twins for Air Cooled vs. Liquid Cooling Data Centers

16:30 - Liquid Cooling Doesn't Stop Inside the White Space

17:31 - How Liquid Cooling Improves Sustainability and ESG for Data Centers

18:46 - Liquid Cooling Can Potentially Produce Higher-Quality Waste Heat

20:18 - The Holistic Efficiencies of Data Center Liquid Cooling

22:29 - From Opportunities to Challenges

23:32 - Data Centers Love a Silver Bullet

25:34 - Evolution of Data Center Liquid Cooling Designs

26:21 - The Problem Is Power Densities are Rising

27:36 - Drawing Distinctions for Immersion Cooling

29:35 - Immersion Cooling Maintenance Questions

Here are links to some recent DCF articles on data center liquid cooling technology:

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About the Author

Matt Vincent

A B2B technology journalist and editor with more than two decades of experience, Matt Vincent is Editor in Chief of Data Center Frontier.

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