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Reimagine Enterprise Data Center Design and Operations

April 27, 2022
Future Facilities explores how digital twin technology can be used to virtualize and fine tune data center design.

The data center landscape is nothing if not fluid. Change is the one constant, whether it be driven by new technology, new customer demands, or new regulations around sustainability. IT leaders know that if they’re not adapting, they’re falling behind – a dangerous position to be in considering how reliant our “real” world has become on the digital one. But how can large enterprises proactively adapt in this rapidly changing environment, without taking unnecessary risks? One answer is digital twin technology which allows you to fine tune your data center’s design and ecosystem risk-free.

Applicable to all industries, digital twin technology provides a holistic view of data center performance, which in turn allows IT leaders to make informed decisions and meaningful change about data center design and operations.

This white paper from Future Facilities presents six case studies illustrating how digital twin virtualization technology has benefitted organizations in the healthcare, aerospace, automotive and finance sectors. Each case study outlines pain points and needs, as well as how digital twin technology was used to successfully address those challenges and future-proof the company’s data centers.