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Performance, Efficiency, and Sustainability: The New Cloud and Data Center Balance

Oct. 9, 2021
This special report from Data Center Frontier and Panduit dives into a new balance between the cloud and the modern data center. Topics covered include new requirements around performance, latency management, supply chain requirements, and, very importantly, creating a new level of sustainability.

Demands on data center infrastructure are increasing like never before. To address the higher user volume and the growing complexity of applications, data center operators are being forced to rethink their environment and delivery models. Performance, efficiency, latency, and security are top concerns. A new balance needs to be struck between the cloud and the modern data center.

A new special report from Panduit takes a look at these complicated issues. The report covers key considerations when balancing the cloud and the data center, and it provides some repeatable hardware and software solutions to address emerging data center and cloud requirements. The authors also cover challenges around the cloud that complicate deployment strategies. Panduit presents real-world solutions that address digital infrastructure design issues, including infrastructure visibility, infrastructure management, supply chains, and partnerships.

The report also shares insights on digital infrastructure decision points, which the author suggest should be based on speed to deploy and time to market. Panduit outlines several of the key benefits of pre-configured cloud-ready physical infrastructures, including deployment speed, performance optimization, sustainability, and scalability.

In addition to providing guidance to those looking for digital design partners, the report includes a case study on Panduit’s solutions for CyrusOne, a world-renowned enterprise data center provider.