Iron Mountain Lands 6 MW in Leasing for Phoenix Data Center Campus

April 15, 2021
Iron Mountain has signed two leases totaling 6 megawatts of capacity at its newest data center in Phoenix, continuing its leasing success in the key regional data center market.

Iron Mountain has signed two leases totaling 6 megawatts of capacity at its AZP-2 data center in Phoenix, the company said today. The tenant is an existing U.S.-based Fortune 100 technology company, which has signed two leases to expand its capacity. The first lease is a one-megawatt expansion, which is expected to commence in the third quarter of 2021. The second lease is for a 5-megawatt deployment, which is expected to commence in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The deals continue Iron Mountain’s leasing success at AZP-2, a three-story facility spanning 530,000 square feet and up to 48 megawatts of IT capacity at full built-out. The building is an expansion of the Phoenix campus that Iron Mountain bought through its acquisition of IO. Including land held for future development, the 40-acre Iron Mountain Phoenix campus will support more than 100 megawatts of IT load when fully developed.

“We are pleased to expand our support of one of the world’s leading technology companies,” said Rick Crutchley, Vice President & General Manager, North America at Iron Mountain Data Centers. “We expect to continue our balanced leasing strategy, and will pursue the right hyperscale opportunities that complement our core retail colocation ecosystem.”

Last year a Fortune 100 customer pre-leased 12 megawatts at AZP-2, structured through two 6-megawatt deals. The first 6 MW lease will commence in 3Q 2021.

Phoenix has become one of the most dynamic data center growth markets in the U.S. Users have long sought space in Phoenix as an alternative to California locations with higher cost and disaster risk. Phoenix has now become a data center destination in its own right, attracting a larger concentration of both customers and service providers in the process. It is positioned for additional growth as customers continue to seek alternatives to California due to recent changes in its risk profile

Iron Mountain is a leading provider of document storage, with more than 225,000 customers around the globe, with a real estate network of more than 90 million square feet across more than 1,480 facilities. The company’s growing global data center footprint spans more than 3.5 million square feet across 15 locations on three continents. Iron Mountain has ramped up its data center operations in recent years through both acquisitions (including FORTRUST IOEvoSwitch and sale/leasebacks of enterprise facilities) and construction of purpose-built infrastructure in markets like Northern Virginia, Singapore and with AZP-2 in Phoenix.

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