The Top Data Center Frontier Show Podcasts of 2022

Dec. 22, 2022
There's been an explosion of podcasts focused on data centers and cloud computing. Here are the most popular podcasts on The Data Center Frontier Show in 2022, ranked by downloads.

There's been an explosion of podcasts focused on data centers and cloud computing. If you're like me, podcasts likely play a growing role in how you gain professionals insights. On The Data Center Frontier Show podcast, I've been fortunate to host conversations with many of the leading executives and experts on digital infrastructure. I wanted to share some of the highlights from this year's shows for your year-end listening. 

Here are the most popular podcasts on The Data Center Frontier Show in 2022, ranked by downloads.

Kirk Offel: Life is Too Short. Find A Job You Love: We spoke with Offel, the CEO of Overwatch Mission Critical in the midst of major shifts in the U.S. job market, with millions of workers reassessing their careers. Kirk had lots to say about the importance of rewarding work.

Sabey’s Tim Mirick on the Austin Data Center Market: Sabey Data Centers' Chief Revenue Officer Tim Mirick joins us to talk about Sabey’s history in data center development, and its big expansion announcements for 2022 in Austin and Central Washington.

The View From the Edge, with Phillip Marangella of EdgeConneX: EdgeConneX has built one of unique growth stories in digital infrastructure. Chief Marketing Officer Phillip Marangella shares his insights on how edge computing has evolved, and where it is heading next. .

Data Center Site Selection and Why It Matters in 2022: Around the globe, data center operators are facing challenges in finding enough land, power and water. I talked with Ernest Popescu of Iron Mountain, who shares lessons from his lengthy experience in hyperscale site development and capacity planning.

Sustainability is Now A Board-Level Imperative: Industry veteran Sean Farney has been involved in some of the most innovative projects in digital infrastructure. In our Earth Day edition, Sean discusses the progress on data center sustainability, the future of backup power, and converting stores into edge data centers.

The Growing Urgency of Data Center Action on Climate Change: The data center industry has a key role in the global response to climate change. On the DCF Show, we speak with Pankaj Sharma of Schneider Electric, who is on the front lines of the effort to make data centers more sustainable.

A Deep Dive Into Immersion Cooling  I sit down with JD Enright of TMGcore for an in-depth discussion of all things immersion cooling, including adoption by hyperscale and cryptocurrency customers, edge computing, and robotics. r.

IT Talkers: Data Center Trends 2022: I chat with Song Lu, host of the Vertiv IT Talkers Podcast, and we discuss everything from the Metaverse to the growth in demand for data center sustainability.

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