Roundtable Recap: As Cloud Boom Continues, Growth Brings Change

Oct. 7, 2022
Our Data Center Executive Roundtable for the Third Quarter of 2022 explored the continuing building boom in hyperscale computing, and how it will drive new approaches to energy, water and land.

Our Data Center Executive Roundtable for the Third Quarter of 2022 explores four topics: the continuing demand for infrastructure to support hyperscale computing, how water scarcity will impact design, the growth prospects for second-tier markets, and the best strategies for adapting to power constraints in a growing number of major markets.

Here is the full question and answer session, organized by topic.

Here are links to the individual Q&A summaries for each of our distinguished panel members:

The conversation is moderated by Data Center Frontier Founder and editor Rich Miller.

Thanks to all of our executive participants for sharing their time and insights!

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