Understanding the New Considerations Reshaping Data Center Network Architecture

March 3, 2023
Learn how four efficiency and density points are reshaping data center network architecture in this article series from Bill Kleyman, featuring insights from AFL.

Data center operators know that their uptime, resiliency, and sustainability are key to supporting the connectivity that has become critical for the global community. To keep pace with a fast-paced market, IT leaders are looking for sustainable and efficient ways to reduce complexity, increase density, and provide a better time-to-market pace.

How Four Efficiency and Density Points are Reshaping Data Center Network Architecture, featuring AFL, explains why new network considerations must be taken into consideration to ensure optimal data center performance, efficiency, and sustainability. Check out our recent article series focused on the special report:

New Network Considerations for Optimal Performance, Efficiency, and Sustainability: Our ability to connect is critical to both our businesses and our personal lives – and these digital connections are only growing more important. In our first article, we outline why data center and facility leaders must find ways to sustainable and efficient ways to reduce complexity, increase density, and provide better time-to-market. We start by outlining four emerging challenges that must be addressed.

From Legacy to Digital Infrastructure: Design, Component, and Services Concepts: In our second article, we look at how modern data center design and components have evolved. We also explore why it’s essential to take a reflective look at your business to understand how legacy solutions might impact your overall approach to new digital trends.

Design Strategies to Support Digital Infrastructure: We can get so excited about our digital infrastructure efforts that we don’t always see potholes on the roads. In our third article, we explain why not all connectivity is build the same. We also outline three key connectivity considerations for addressing the emerging challenges that complicate deployment strategies.

Four Key Data Center Cabling and Networking Design Considerations: We conclude our article series by outlining four key efficiency design considerations when working with modern networks. We also discuss why the cabling and networking systems supporting our most critical environments are essential to modernization.

Download the entire report, How Four Efficiency and Density Points are Reshaping Data Center Network Architecture, featuring AFL, to learn more.

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Kathy Hitchens has been writing professionally for more than 30 years. She focuses on the renewable energy, electric vehicle, utility, data center, and financial services sectors. Kathy has a BFA from the University of Arizona and a MBA from the University of Denver.  

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