Unprecedented Digital Infrastructure Growth Demands a New Approach to Design

July 27, 2023
Learn how modular design and sustainability both play a significant role in data center modernization efforts.

The past four years have had a significant impact on the data center industry as leaders raced to ensure their customers had the digital tools they needed to succeed. These efforts have led to an unprecedented boom in digital infrastructure, time-to-market challenges, and an even greater reliance on critical systems.

Modernizing Efficiency and Time-to-Market: A New Approach to Data Center Design, featuring Nautilus Data Technologies, explains the current state of the data center industry and how modernization has impacted speed-to-market. Check out our recent article series focused on the special report:

Data Center Design — From Legacy to Modern: During this era of unprecedented digital infrastructure growth, leaders must embrace design modernization in order to impact time-to-market and sustainability. In this article, we explore how modular construction methods and sustainability efforts have become even more pronounced when it comes to modernizing the physical infrastructure of data center projects.

From Modernization to Modular: Adapting to New Industry Norms: Gone are the days of building an extensive data center and waiting for it to be filled up. Today, the key to sustainable and profitable growth for colocation provides is to open and lease one phase of their data center while they build the next. In this article, we explore key considerations related to modular data center architecture.

Four Design Strategies to Support Infrastructure Modernization: This article outlines four key design strategies to support infrastructure modernization with modular solutions. We explain how speed-to-deployment will be critical to impact you market, the importance of reducing human error, physical footprint considerations and how to leverage water and sustainability in the most effective manner.

Modern Modular in the Real World: This article presents a case study on how Nautilus’ Stockton, California data center managed a significant heatwave in 2022 – keeping its facilities cool while other data centers faced heat-related shutdowns. Readers will learn how the water-based modular approach taken by Nautilus helps its customers become part of a more significant, more sustainable data center solution.

Download the entire report,Modernizing Efficiency and Time-to-Market: A New Approach to Data Center Design, featuring Nautilus Data Technologies, to learn more.

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