A Modern Approach to Balancing Infrastructure and Workloads

Aug. 16, 2023
A new Data Center Frontier Special Report article series explores some of the top methods for modernizing your infrastructure and workloads.

The growing number of IT computing scenarios and a greater need for data center reliability are driving growth in cloud and data center services. Today, data centers and digital infrastructure no longer just support a business – in many cases they actually run it. This fundamental shift is causing industry leaders to rethink how and where they deploy critical loads. As they look to improve data center utilization and their overall digital infrastructure, they’re all asking the same question: cloud, on-premises or hyperscale – which strategy is right for us?

Top Methods To Modernize and Balance Your Infrastructure, featuring Service Express, explains a new balance emerging between the cloud and data centers. Check out our recent article series focused on the special report:

The Great Cloud Rebalancing: Top Methods To Modernize Your Infrastructure and Workloads: We start our article series with a look at the top ten digital infrastructure challenges impacting the data center industry today, including things like energy efficiency, security, and scalability. Then we explore how digital modernization is impacting physical infrastructure and how working with a new type of partner will help you lower emissions and improve uptime. We also touch on how going green is a significant part of the transformation effort – and it’s excellent for business.

Top Modernization Considerations To Support Digital Infrastructure: In our second article, we dive into six infrastructure modernization considerations for IT leaders as they evaluate the best place for their data and workloads to live. Among the considerations are the need to reduce complexity, managing modern workloads and supporting IT departments more effectively.

The Data Center and Cloud Balance — New Key Considerations: It’s clear that the cloud isn’t going anywhere, but IT leaders do have concerns about how is should be used and the financial impact of working in the cloud. The third article in our series outlines new key considerations in the data center and cloud balance.

The Partners That Create the Data Center and Cloud Balance: Business and IT leaders are rebalancing data and workloads between cloud systems and data center solutions to better fit their needs. While this can reduce costs, the complexity around these distributed systems makes them harder to manage transparently. We conclude our article series by exploring how you can find the right balance between on-prem and the cloud by working with trusted partners that will help guide you on the journey. 

Download the full report, Top Methods To Modernize and Balance Your Infrastructure, featuring Service Express, to learn more and to get a checklist to use when comparing providers.

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