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September Featured Image White Paper

Water-Based Fire Protection for Data Centers

Sept. 5, 2023
Preaction system fire protection solutions for data centers are a cost-effective and vastly effective solution.

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Improve Data Center Efficiency with Advanced Monitoring and Calculated Points

April 19, 2024
Max Hamner, Research and Development Engineer at Modius, explains how using calculated points adds up to a superior experience for the DCIM user.
Integra Mission Critical and NOVOS
Prefabricated modular data center systems provide a number of sustainability benefits.

Why Modular Data Centers are Good for the Environment

While the approach to conventional data center deployments can be rigid, modular data centers offer flexibility, customization, and a number of sustainability benefits. Tod Higinbotham...
The Nautilus Data Technologies facility in Stockton, California. (Photo: Nautilus Data)

Backblaze Extends its Storage Cloud to the Nautilus Floating Data Center

Sept. 8, 2022
Backblaze is extending its cloud storage platform to a water-based data center in California, The company will deploy 1 megawatt of capacity at the Nautilus Data Technologies ...
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To increase reliability and avoid unplanned downtime, IT organizations need to build resiliency against the unexpected. (Source: Getty Images, courtesy of Flexential)

How to Create a Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Business

Aug. 26, 2022
The worst time to discover your plan is outdated, inadequate or nonfunctional is during an actual disaster. Flexential outlines 5 steps to creating a reliable and tested disaster...
An overview of a DartPoints deployment for a phased campus project, supporting up to 6 megawatts of capacity. (Image: DartPoints)

Digital Infrastructure’s OpEx Shift: The Case for Renting vs Buying

Scott Willis, president and CEO of DartPoints, discusses CapEx- and OpEx-based data storage solutions and provides insights on how to determine which is best for your organization...
Your continuity plan should always take the data element into account to truly be complete (and ultimately successful). (Image: Shutterstock)

Business Continuity and Disaster Planning: 3 Key Considerations

Aug. 8, 2022
A new white paper from DartPoints outlines a modern approach to disaster recovery and business continuity by presenting three questions to consider when formulating your DR and...
Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is just one of the 40 key performance indicators that data center leaders should be tracking. Source: Sunbird

40 KPIs to Improve Data Center Health and Efficiency

July 13, 2022
Sunbird outlines 40 critical KPIs that data center managers should monitor to improve data center health and efficiency. The report covers KPIs from nine areas: capacity, cost...
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A Sensible Path to Data Center Sustainability

May 16, 2022
New technologies are driving data center energy demand, while customers seek to reducing energy consumption. Managing rapid growth and improving data center sustainability aren...