The Top 10 Data Center White Papers of 2022: Insights from a Busy Year

Dec. 20, 2022
What were the best education resources for data center professionals this year? Here are the 10 most popular data center white papers of 2021 at Data Center Frontier, ranked by number of reader downloads.

2022 was another big year for data centers. The demand for data center services is on the rise, prompting growth in both new and existing markets. Operators continue to explore ways to increase power, speed, efficiency, and sustainability.

To help our readers achieve these goals, Data Center Frontier has presented dozens of white papers and reports from some of the leading companies and thinkers in the industry. The DCF library of data center white papers shares the latest insights on key trends this year including data center sustainability, resiliency, cooling, site selection, and infrastructure.

Here are the 10 most popular data center white papers of 2022 at Data Center Frontier, ranked by number of reader downloads.

1. 2022 Data Center & Infrastructure Report(Service Express)

Since the onset of the pandemic, IT teams have adapted quickly to address challenges stemming from an increase in remote work and customer demand for stronger security measures. To better understand what’s happening on the ground with IT teams, Service Express conducted a survey of more than 700 IT professionals across the US.  The result is this white paper, the 2022 Data Center & Infrastructure Report. Key findings reveal the continued need for strengthening security, reducing costs, and on-premises data centers.

2. Boston Data Center Market (Digital Realty)

Most of the customers in the Boston data center market are local to the Massachusetts Bay area and the industry supports key sectors of the robust local tech economy. Known as the “other” tech valley, the region is one of the most prominent data center markets in the northeast for many reasons, despite a higher cost of power than is found in most major markets. The cost of power makes hyperscale a harder sell in Boston, but data center operators still find success in the market. This report, in conjunction with Digital Realty, continues Data Center Frontier’s market coverage of growing data center hubs. Explore further for a comprehensive overview of the Boston data center market.

3. Fire Protection for Micro Data Centers (Viking Integrated Safety)

Micro data centers, which are fully integrated physical infrastructure solutions, are poised to meet the demand for compute-intensive applications at the edge such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT). But space in micro data centers is limited and must be carefully managed. Compute and storage are typically the priority, so cooling, uninterruptible power supplies, batteries, security, and fire protection must all compete for whatever space is left. This white paper from Viking Integrated Safety outlines the company’s fire protection solution.

4. Focusing on Data Center Expertise (CBRE)

Outsourcing is a trend found in almost every sector of the economy, and the data center industry is no exception. But outsourcing is not without its challenges, and if IT leaders aren’t careful, they could find themselves buried in the details of facility management rather than ensuring optimal data center operations. Selecting the right partner is key. This white paper looks at the importance of outsourcing as a way of delivering real-world data center success. 

5. Future-Proofing the Distributed Data Center with High-Speed Fiber Networks(Belden)

Contrary to popular belief, data centers aren’t dinosaurs. In fact, the industry is growing at a rapid pace driven by the Internet of Things, the wide adoption of smart technology, the growth in online shopping, and the shift to remote work. But tomorrow’s data centers won’t look much like their predecessors. Data centers are evolving from centralized facilities into a decentralized network of resources tied together by a robust cloud infrastructure. High-speed fiber networks will be a key part of data center infrastructure. This white paper looks at how high-speed fiber networks can future-proof distributed data centers. 

6. High Density IT Cooling (TechnoGuard)

Over the last ten years, power density in data centers has been on the rise, leaving many to wonder if the days of air cooling IT equipment are over. Even as they wonder if liquid cooling is the only viable long-term solution, most new mainstream data centers are still being designed for air-cooled ITE. This, in turn, is driving manufacturers and data center operators to push the boundaries of what air cooling technology can do. This special report explores the world of high density IT cooling. 

7. The Data Center Human Element: Designing for Observability, Resiliency and Better Operations (Honeywell)

To meet the new demands being placed on data centers, industry leaders must rethink the way they approach their environment, delivery model and how they can leverage the cloud. What’s often overlooked is the human component. Human errors resulting from tedious tasks and manual processes are costly, especially considering they’re the cause of most data center outages. The future requires a shift to support observability, resiliency, and improved data center operations. This special report outlines strategies for data center leaders as they move away from traditional data center management concepts and design the future of digital infrastructure.

8. The Rise of the Sustainable Data Center (Vertiv)

Sustainability is now a top-of-mind issue in data center construction and management, as cloud computing and digital transformation fuel the world’s growing thirst for processing power. And workloads are only going to grow more. The growth of connected devices is driving not only demand for power to operate them but also data centers that connect to them. This report explores the future of the sustainable data center and its impact on the industry.

9. The Secret to Building Data Centers Faster is Project Buffering(ProLift Rigging)

2020 saw major shifts in the global data center market as increased data usage accelerated demand for storage and processing. To meet the needs of the rapidly expanding global colocation market, a significant amount of new infrastructure must be built quickly. But, there are a number of threats that inhibit data center speed-to-market, including market demand for OFCI equipment, supply chain issues, labor shortages, and conflicts around the just-in-time delivery of mission critical equipment. This paper outlines strategies for eliminating speed-to-market threats through project buffering, which reduces the risk of upstream disruptions and downstream delays.

10. The State of the Grid: Improving Energy Solutions for Evolving Digital Infrastructure Power Needs (Enchanted Rock, Ltd.)

The electric grid is a dynamic, multi-faceted ecosystem made up of asset owners, manufacturers, service providers, and federal, state, and local government officials. Ensuring the grid provides reliable, efficient, and sustainable electricity continues to be a challenge across the entire ecosystem. This special report explains why microgrids are the new highly resilient, carb-neutral backup generation for today’s technology ecosystems. 

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