How to Get the Most Out of Your Multicloud Strategy

Aug. 12, 2022
As enterprises seek to become more agile in today’s rapidly evolving business climate, many are turning to a multicloud architecture. A new white paper from Flexential outlines how enterprises can get the greatest value out of their multicloud strategy.

A new white paper from Flexential outlines how enterprises can get the greatest value out of their multicloud strategy.

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According to a new white paper from Flexential, enterprises are adopting a multicloud strategy to help improve their flexibility in today’s ever changing business environment. The paper says, “a multicloud strategy goes beyond the agility of a single cloud environment, giving businesses access to a broader range of services and locations which promotes operational efficiency, controls costs, strengthens security and resilience, and drives performance and business outcomes.”

In the paper, Flexential first explores five of the key benefits of deploying a multicloud strategy. They outline how the architecture offers improved performance and on-demand scalability while also minimizing risk and alleviating concerns around vendor lock-in. Flexential goes on to say that “utilizing multiple clouds allows businesses to place workloads where they work best, while considering specific performance, security and compliance requirements.”

The paper also explains how to address some of the challenges that arise with multicloud connectivity, including managing complexity and balancing risk, performance, and costs.

Managing the many moving pieces involved in devising a multicloud solution that offers direct, private low-latency connections to leading cloud service providers can be difficult. The challenge is choosing the connectivity strategy that best aligns with your business needs. – Flexential, “Harnessing the Power of a Multicloud Strategy

To help organizations evaluate multicloud solutions, the paper outlines key questions enterprises should ask of potential providers. These questions get to the heart of the data center’s footprint, network, services, and their ability to quickly scale. Flexential says, “Data center providers that offer user-friendly, self service interfaces can help speed deployment time and promote efficiency.”

The final section of the white paper dives into how organizations can improve multicloud performance and spend with predictive analytics. The author says, “to truly optimize cloud deployments, enterprises need to proactively monitor and manage their clouds. This requires ongoing, real-time insight into cloud compute, capacity and storage.”

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