2nd Gen DCIM Software Drives Data Center Automation

Aug. 5, 2022
In this white paper, Sunbird presents 10 use cases for using second-generation DCIM software to drive data center automation.

A new white paper from Sunbird explores 10 ways in which innovative and sophisticated customers are using second-generation data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software to drive automation.

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Automation is expected to drive significant change in the data center industry, but it’s “not some vague predictions about the future of data centers,” according to a new white paper from Sunbird Software. “It’s already here.” Using second-generation data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software, Sunbird says “modern data center managers are already driving integration and automation in their data centers, and they are getting incredible results.”

The white paper outlines 10 innovative use cases that sophisticated customers have deployed to drive automation and simplify data center management. First, the author outlines eight key benefits of data center automation, including that it provides a single source of truth, allows for improved collaboration across functional teams, and it improves workflow and productivity.

Workday is a leading example of what can be achieved with data center automation. They have leveraged the bidirectional RESTful web service API of their second-generation DCIM software to do incredible things such as device provisioning and orchestration.  – Sunbird Software, “Top 10 Ways to Drive Data Center Automation

Use cases include examples where virtual machine management, parts management, and device power budgeting have each been automated. The paper also discusses the automation of charts and reports. “With second-generation DCIM software, business intelligence and analytics are made automatic with dashboard charts, reports, and visual analytics,” according to the paper. They go on to say that “you don’t need to worry about ‘garbage in, garbage out’ because your device, meter, and sensor data is automatically collected, stored, and trended with extreme accuracy.”

The paper also explains the value of using DCIM software to leverage webhooks. “Given all the different software tools that are necessary for complete remote management of modern data centers, the value of using webhooks to drive data sharing is enormous,” according to the author. “DCIM software with webhook functionality can automatically push information about adds, moves, and changes to an external system that needs to know when asset details have changed.”

Sunbird says that DCIM software is critical to any automation strategy. They believe the use cases presented in this white paper can help data centers implement best practices that will drive automation today.

Download the full report to learn more about how DCIM software can drive automation at your data center.

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