How the Cloud and the Edge Can Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Oct. 24, 2022
Cologix explores how data centers can help businesses use the cloud and the edge to stay ahead of their digital transformation needs.

In a new white paper, Cologix explores how data centers can help businesses use the cloud and the edge to stay ahead of their digital transformation needs.

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Between COVID-19 and the shift to remote work, the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and society’s shift to a digital-first way of living, data volumes have exploded in recent years. As a result, data-driven organizations are rethinking the way they manage information.

According to a new white paper from Cologix, these businesses are also accelerating their migration to cloud and multicloud solutions, trusting that digital infrastructure can provide services to scale with their needs.

In the white paper, Cologix outlines some of the top challenges that data-driven companies currently face, including issues around connectivity and security. They say that today’s data center customers want more than just space and power – proximity, security, and choices are now top priorities too. “They want the ability to connect with their preferred carriers and cloud service providers via low latency, highly secure connections,” according to Cologix.

As the population disperses, the digital edge is expanding. Data usage is no longer concentrated in densely populated economic centers but must follow businesses, consumers and their devices wherever they go. Service providers must expand their reach to provide service to users in locations far and wide. – Cologix, “Why You Need to Accelerate Your Business with Cloud

To meed the changing needs of their customers, and to avoid the high costs and challenging logistics of building large facilities in city centers, data center operators are racing to the edge. “By building networks of carrier-dense data centers in edge markets, data center providers enable customers to make business-critical transactions with the speed and ease necessary to remain competitive.”

The paper outlines 5 benefits to working with a data center provider that specializes in edge locations, rather than a provider that’s adding edge locations to an existing urban core. The author says that providers like Cologix have the digital infrastructure, interconnection ecosystem, services, values, and focus on sustainability to help businesses scale faster.

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