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Top 5 Interconnectivity Considerations to Keep a Competitive Edge in a Digital Market

Feb. 6, 2023

There has been a fundamental shift in the way that modern interconnectivity impacts physical data center infrastructure in the digital era. More than just server upgrades and new software, the interconnectivity evolution occurs in the data center and cloud infrastructure. This is why it’s critical that data centers properly leverage resources in a way that improve ROI and speed-to-market.

This special report, courtesy of Belden, outlines 5 interconnectivity considerations that will help data center and cloud organizations maintain their competitive edge in a connectivity-driven economy. First, the paper explores the past and future state of connectivity, including how new connectivity requirements create new design and partner considerations.

Then, the report dives into several new interconnectivity innovations, including edge orchestration, automation, integrating cloud resources, and sustainability. The special report also presents use cases and outlines the benefits of getting connectivity right.