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eGuide: Partnering to Create Data Centers of the Future

Oct. 3, 2023
From new builds to expansion and modernization, see how data center solutions, software and services can help with your project. Explore our eGuide.

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Beyond Hyperscale: Quantum Frederick's Vision for Sustainable Data Center Development

April 24, 2024
Scott Noteboom, CTO of Quantum Loophole, explains how Quantum Frederick created the first carbon neutral industrial zone.
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Advancements in Rack PDU Power Quality Monitoring and Metrics Greatly Improve Uptime

Sept. 5, 2023
Data center operators need a better way to address power quality and monitor the IT load. Discover how intelligent PDUs with advanced power quality metrics and diagnostic tools...
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Water-Based Fire Protection for Data Centers

Sept. 5, 2023
Preaction system fire protection solutions for data centers are a cost-effective and vastly effective solution.
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10 Reasons To Change Your Data Center Provider

July 14, 2023
Is your data center provider meeting your needs? Maybe it's time to consider a new provider. Here are the 10 reasons to change colocation providers.
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The AMD Infinity Architecture Platform, which features 8 AMD Instinct MI300X GPUs.

AMD Outlines its AI Roadmap, Including New GPUs

June 14, 2023
AMD is positioning itself as a provider of a full range of AI hardware, with everything from optimizations for its EPYC CPUs to dedicated data center GPUs and everything in between...
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Inside a Supercomputing Center

June 9, 2023
The Texas Advanced Computing Center provides a tour through the history of supercomputing and high-performance-computing (HPC), as well as a range of cutting-edge cooling and ...
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AWS Nitro networking cards are tested in one of the company's Failure Analysis Labs, part of the process of refirbishing equipment for reuse in AWS data centers.

Circular Servers: An Inside Look at How AWS Refurbishes its Data Center Hardware

June 6, 2023
Amazon Web Services operates a network of specialized facilities to refurbish IT equipment for reuse in its cloud data centers, extending component life and reducing waste.
The Nvidia GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip brings together the Arm-based NVIDIA Grace CPU and Hopper GPU architectures using NVIDIA NVLink interconnect technology.

Nvidia is Seeking to Redefine Data Center Acceleration

June 5, 2023
Can better performance be the future of sustainability? A closer look at Nvidia's vision for the data center, and the past, present and future of hardware acceleration.