Digital Realty

Digital Realty Adds Direct Liquid Cooling for High-Density Colocation in 170 Data Centers Globally

May 18, 2024
Digital Realty this week unveiled expanded high-density deployment support for liquid-to-chip cooling in service of AI and data-intensive applications.

Shutterstock, courtesy of Stream Data Centers

Why Liquid Cooling is More Sustainable

Stuart Lawrence of Stream Data Centers explains that because liquid is a more efficient means of heat transfer than air, liquid cooling will be necessary to support the next generation...
JLL Data Center Executive Forum

JLL Data Center Executive Forum Gathers Thought Leaders to Address Industry's Most Urgent Challenges

May 16, 2024
With discussions ranging from AI markets to growing data center workforce teams, the one-day event touched on today’s most compelling data center topics.
Rich Miller / Data Center Frontier

ICT Engineering Experts Compare Class 4 Fault Managed Power vs. AC Power Infrastructure for Data Centers

May 15, 2024
Recent technical analysis investigates a use case of powering a 6 MW data center using traditional AC infrastructure versus new FMP infrastructure. A parts-and-labor summary concludes...
Quantum Loophole

Maryland Reboots Data Center Business with New Critical Infrastructure Streamlining Act

May 14, 2024
State government addresses a sticking point on backup power generation that precluded Aligned Data Centers' 264 MW project just seven months ago.
Endeavor Business Media

Data Center Summit Online Event to Address AI, Liquid Cooling, Physical and Cybersecurity, DCIM, Fiber Infrastructure: Register Now

May 13, 2024
Produced by Data Center Frontier in conjunction with Endeavor Business Media co-publications Lightwave, Cabling Installation & Maintenance and Security Info Watch, the Data Center...

Synergy Research

Swollen Cloud Market Surges Again in Q1; Enterprise GenAI Enthusiasm Ramps: Data Center Industry Analysts

May 6, 2024
New analyst reports from Synergy Research and Omdia shed light on where demand for AI compute currently overlaps with a surge in the traditional cloud.
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Building Data Centers for Operational Excellence: Disaster Prevention Starts Long Before Shovels Hit the Ground

May 6, 2024
Terry Rodgers, Vice President of Commissioning and Building Analytics at JLL, explains why operations and maintenance teams should be involved throughout the entire data center...


Bloom Energy Expands Fuel Cell Power Generation for Intel's Santa Clara Data Center

May 10, 2024
New power capacity agreement builds on an existing natural gas fuel cell installation.
Rendered Exowatt deployment

Thermal Battery Solar Technology Soon to Rapidly Deliver On-site Power Generation for Data Centers

April 26, 2024
Exowatt has announced a new type of self-contained solar power generation, set to be available at scale later this year.


Moves by Vertiv and Schneider Electric Typify Data Centers' AI Power and Cooling Lift for NVIDIA GPUs

May 1, 2024
Recent power moves by market leaders Vertiv and Schneider Electric in the direction of NVIDIA and AI typify a larger trend conspicuously rippling through the data center industry...
Data Center Frontier

Podcast: ZutaCore Executives Recap NVIDIA GTC Data Center Liquid Cooling Playbook

April 30, 2024
At GTC in March, ZutaCore showcased its direct-to-chip, waterless liquid cooling technology, and announced support for the NVIDIA H100 and H200 Tensor Core GPUs to help maximize...


Unpacking CDU Motors: It’s Not Just About Redundancy

May 15, 2024
Matt Archibald, Director of Technical Architecture at nVent, explores methods for controlling coolant distribution units (CDU), the "heart" of the liquid cooling system.
IBEW Local 26

Data Center Industry Steps Up to Promote Diversity in Construction

May 13, 2024
David Pala of IBEW Local 26 share how the data center industry came together to support the Norman Hill Scholarship fund.

Faster Deployment and Monetization of Hyperscale and Edge Data Centers

March 12, 2024
This application note makes a case for the use of multi-functional instruments and test process automation (TPA) during data center construction and commissioning, which is proven...

Vertiv's Free Online Configurator Eases Prefabricated Modular Data Center Design, Planning

March 7, 2024
Vertiv Modular Designer Lite is a new web-based application that streamlines the process of designing PFM data centers based on the Vertiv SmartMod and Vertiv SmartMod Max platforms...

ebm-papst, Inc.

Secure Data through Cool Solutions

May 8, 2024
In this edition of “Voices of the Industry” Joe Landrette of ebm-papst Inc., discusses how the AI boom is changing the game for data center cooling solutions.
Cadence Design Systems

Are You Ready for the Storm About to Hit the Data Center Industry?

April 29, 2024
Mark Fenton, Senior Product Engineering Manager at Cadence Design Systems, explains how a campus-wide digital twin for data centers is one way to revolutionize performance and...

Special Reports

VIAVI Solutions
Source: VIAVI Solutions

The Data Center Edge of Tomorrow: Digital Twins, AI and the Network

Oct. 26, 2023
A recent special report article series outlines five critical ways that digital twins and artificial intelligence will impact the network.
VIAVI Solutions
Source: Image © 2023 VIAVI Solutions, Inc., all rights reserved

Physical and Digital Network Modernization: The New Role of AI/ML in Testing Automation, Validation and Optimization

Oct. 16, 2023
To keep pace, data center leaders must adopt a new approach to testing and validating the capabilities of their networks.

Scala Data Centers

Scala Data Centers Builds Out 560 MW Power Substation in São Paulo, the Largest in Brazil

May 9, 2024
The SSUBTB03 substation on the operator's Tamboré Campus in São Paulo is set to be completed in two stages, the first of which is scheduled for December 2024. The new substation...

Land and Expand: New Data Center Developments by Meta, T5, Prime, Ardent, Tract, Microsoft

May 9, 2024
A sampling of the latest North American data center development news, including new sites, land acquisitions and campus expansions.

White Papers

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Decarbonized Resilience

A new white paper from Enchanted Rock explores four alternatives to diesel backups to see which offer both resiliency and an economical way to meet climate goals.

Endeavor Business Media / Data Center Frontier

Data Center Frontier Launches Inaugural Data Center Frontier Trends Summit, Sept. 4th-6th in Reston, Virginia

Set to embody the in-depth spirit of DCF's editorial mission, our inaugural live conference's theme-based content aims to support critical decision-making across the data center...
Nvidia AI

The Eight Themes That Will Shape the Data Center Industry in 2024

The AI boom will ripple through the digital infrastructure sector, impacting the availability of space, the supply chain, pricing, cooling, power and design.

Data Center Installation Frustration

Comprehensive Best Practices For a Successful Multi Tenant Data Center Migration

Sept. 12, 2023
A lot can go wrong with a migration to a multi tenant data center (MTDC). Do you understand all the physical infrastructure, design requirements & strategic considerations that...