ECL Advances its Vision for Hydrogen-Powered Data Centers

June 25, 2024
Data center startup ECL has delivered and fully-leased its first hydrogen-powered data center, while raising $10 million to support the next phase of its development.


The Competitive Edge of Enterprise Edge

Brett Lindsey, CEO ark data centers, explains why edge data centers will become increasingly vital, making them the cornerstone of digital transformation strategies for enterprises...
Data Center Frontier

Executive Roundtable: MegaCampus Considerations for Gigawatt Data Centers

June 24, 2024
In the first installment of our Executive Roundtable for the Second Quarter of 2024, we ask four data center industry leaders for their views on the most pertinent, front-of-mind...
Netrality Data Centers

Netrality Knows Why Kansas Continues To Be A Magnet for Data Center Development

June 21, 2024
Netrality’s newest data center highlights the signature advantages of Kansas for developers.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

If You Can’t Beat Them: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Joins with Azure AI, OpenAI, Google Cloud

June 20, 2024
Adding partnerships with two of the top 3 cloud providers can only strengthen OCI.
Data Center Frontier

Podcast: DCF's Top 5 Data Center Industry Stories of Q2 2024

June 18, 2024
For this episode of the Data Center Frontier Show Podcast, we read down our top 5 most-viewed editorial stories of the Second Quarter of 2024 by pageviews.

Compass Datacenters

Suburban Chicago Welcomes Compass Datacenters' Major Hyperscale Development on Legacy Sears HQ Site

June 18, 2024
Compass Datacenters has initiated development of its first hyperscale data center campus in Illinois at $10 billion in total project investment. Compass plans to build 5 data ...
Adobe Stock, courtesy of Pkaza – Critical Facilities Recruiting

The Shifting Strategy of the Critical Facilities Industry in 2024

June 12, 2024
As Q2 comes to an end, Peter Kazella and Pkaza take a look back at previous years hiring, tech trends, and what we foresee for the remaining 2024.

Courtesy of Trane

The Untapped Potential of Heat Reuse in Data Center Cooling Design

June 19, 2024
Danielle Rossi, Global Director of Mission Critical Cooling at Trane, explains why it's time to think outside the chiller and consider the critical role heat reuse can play in...
Cadence Design Systems

Leveraging Digital Twin Technology for Sustainable Data Center Performance

June 17, 2024
Dave King, Senior Principal Product Engineer at Cadence Design Systems, explains how data center operators can balance the conflicting demands of increased performance and sustainabilit...


Data Center Liquid Cooling Experts Colovore, ZutaCore Exemplify Trend Toward Strategic AI Unions

May 29, 2024
As AI drives data center rack densities inexorably higher, new M&A and strategic partnerships in the area of liquid cooling technology continue to percolate.
Digital Realty

Digital Realty Adds Direct Liquid Cooling for High-Density Colocation in 170 Data Centers Globally

May 18, 2024
Digital Realty this week unveiled expanded high-density deployment support for liquid-to-chip cooling in service of AI and data-intensive applications.

T&D World

Silicon Valley Utilities Gird for Surging Energy Demand Fed by New Data Centers

June 14, 2024
Indicative of the spike in Silicon Valley power demand linked to AI compute are several large projects by unnamed customers in PG&E's reported data project pipeline for the region...
Image created by DALL-E 3, courtesy of EdgeConneX

Energizing the Future: How AI Innovations Power Sustainable Data Centers

June 7, 2024
Grids can take several different approaches to increasing the amount of clean or green energy consumed by their customers. Phillip Marangella, Chief Product and Marketing Officer...

ark data centers

Distributed Edge Data Centers Move to AI's Innovation Forefront

May 30, 2024
The data center industry is being flooded with AI expectations. Visionary approaches to distributed edge data centers are emerging to meet rising demand.
Image created by DALL-E 3, courtesy of EdgeConneX

How Edge Compute is Shifting in the AI Era: A Vision of the Future

May 27, 2024
Kevin Imboden, Global Director, Market Research, and Intelligence for EdgeConneX, explores what edge deployment architecture might look like when AI models are in widespread production...


Coolant Distribution Units: The Heart of a Liquid Cooling System

June 14, 2024
nVent's Abhishek Gupta explains why CDUs are at the core of driving the efficiencies that liquid cooling can bring to data centers, so choosing the right one is critical.

Hyperscale Ecosystems Use Case: Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)

June 3, 2024
Sameh Yamany, CTO of VIAVI Solutions, explores the future of ADAS and hyperscale data centers.

Special Reports

VIAVI Solutions
Source: VIAVI Solutions

The Data Center Edge of Tomorrow: Digital Twins, AI and the Network

Oct. 26, 2023
A recent special report article series outlines five critical ways that digital twins and artificial intelligence will impact the network.
VIAVI Solutions
Source: Image © 2023 VIAVI Solutions, Inc., all rights reserved

Physical and Digital Network Modernization: The New Role of AI/ML in Testing Automation, Validation and Optimization

Oct. 16, 2023
To keep pace, data center leaders must adopt a new approach to testing and validating the capabilities of their networks.

Culpeper Tech Zone

Virginia's Culpeper Tech Zone Encourages Data Center Development, Heads Off NIMBY

June 12, 2024
With community protections in place in advance, the town hopes to attract additional data center development.

DataNovaX Readies Build-to-Suit Data Center Campus in North Texas

June 11, 2024
As an alternative to the heavily saturated Dallas-Ft. Worth market proper, one of the essential amenities of fast-growing Wichita Falls, home of the DataNovaX Pioneer Park data...

White Papers


The Data Center Edge of Tomorrow: Five Critical Ways Digital Twins and AI Will Impact the Network

In our online world, we persistently rely on our ability to connect. In fact, our ability to connect is critical to our work life balance. To meet our evolving and growing connectivity...

Data Center Frontier

Data Center Frontier Announces Speakers, Educational Program for Inaugural Live Event, Sept. 4-6 in Reston, VA

The Data Center Frontier Trends Summit will showcase industry-leading speakers, an insightful and interactive program covering both data center technologies and business practices...
Schneider Electric

The AI Data Center is Coming and the Energy Landscape is Changing

This podcast delves into the groundbreaking collaboration between Schneider Electric and NVIDIA, illuminating the optimization of data center infrastructure and advancements in...

Data Center Installation Frustration

Comprehensive Best Practices For a Successful Multi Tenant Data Center Migration

Sept. 12, 2023
A lot can go wrong with a migration to a multi tenant data center (MTDC). Do you understand all the physical infrastructure, design requirements & strategic considerations that...