Updates on the COVID-19 Coronavirus and implications for the data center industry.

Omicron: A New Resiliency Test for the World and the Cloud

Nov. 29, 2021
What might the Omicron variant mean to the data center sector and cloud computing? That’s our topic today on the DCF Show podcast, where we look at three areas of potential business...

Image created by DALL-E 3, courtesy of EdgeConneX

How Edge Compute is Shifting in the AI Era: A Vision of the Future

May 27, 2024
Kevin Imboden, Global Director, Market Research, and Intelligence for EdgeConneX, explores what edge deployment architecture might look like when AI models are in widespread production...
Construction of a modular data center. (Source: ProLift Rigging)

The 4 Elements That Can Make or Break Your Construction Schedule

One major contributor to the increased speed of data center construction is modularization. Nate Harper, Marketing and Inside Sales Manager at ProLift Rigging, discusses how logistics...
On the Data Center Frontier Show Podcast, we discuss how enterprise IT will adapt to the changed landscape created by the COVID19 pandemic.

Enterprise IT Looks to Cloud, Colo to Drive Transformation

Jan. 29, 2021
What’s ahead for the data center industry in 2021? On the Data Center Frontier Show Podcast, we discuss how enterprise IT will adapt to the changed landscape created by the COVID19...
Servers inside a Facebook hyperscale data center in North Carolina. (Photo: Rich Miller)

The Eight Trends That Will Shape the Data Center Industry in 2021

Jan. 6, 2021
What’s ahead for the data center industry? We’ve identified eight themes that will shape the data center business in 2021. The big themes: Pandemic response, sustainability and...
What is missing in our industry – and within most distributed organizations ­– is centralized command-and-control to see the big interconnected picture and the potential for cascading failures. (Photo: Courtesy of BCS)

What Every Risk Officer Should Think About in 2021

John Hevey, Vice President, Corporate Technical Service at BCS Data Center Operations, highlights what a Risk Officer should be focusing on as a turbulent year in the data industry...

Roundtable Recap: Being Mission-Critical in 2020, Looking Ahead to 2021

Dec. 18, 2020
Our Data Center Executive Roundtable experts review the role of data centers in surviving the pandemic, and looks ahead to 2021. Insights from Intel, Sabey Data Centers, Chatsworth...
Build-to-suit with the right provider is an ideal middle ground that offers the TCO benefits and agility of colocation as well as the purpose-fit flexibility that makes it feel quite similar to on-prem. (Photo: Shutterstock; Courtesy of Stream Data Centers)

The Goldilocks Solution for Healthcare Data Centers Pushed Off-Premise

Anthony Bolner, Executive Vice President and Partner at Stream Data Centers, shares how IT infrastructure leaders at large healthcare enterprises are finding a ‘just-right’ solution...

Executive Roundtable: The Lasting Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dec. 14, 2020
Our 21st Data Center Executive Roundtable kicks off as our seven expert panelists assess the lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on how data centers are built, operated and...